ASCS National Tour Format Gets Refresh For 2024 Season

By Nick Graziano
CONCORD, NC (April 16, 2024) – Starting at Super Bee Speedway this weekend, the American Sprint Car Series National Tour will utilize a new nightly format.

“We’re moving in the direction we feel best for the series and its drivers,” said ASCS competition/technical director Cody Cordell. “We’re excited for a little change and looking forward to the next chapter of the American Sprint Car Series.”

Based on the format used by the former All Star Circuit of Champions, with some changes in place, the nightly run of events will go as follows:

2024 ASCS National Tour Race Format:

• 2-lap Time Trials (1-3 cars at a time)

• Qualify only against cars that will be in your Hot Lap group and Heat Race.

• Qualifying order will be determined by draw.

• Heats are straight up by time, except for the fastest qualifier in each group/Heat, which will invert to the 4th starting position.

• The penalty for missed Time Trial position, with a two (2) car grace, is one (1) timed lap at the end of qualifying – best you can start your Heat Race is fifth. If for any reason a car takes one lap at the end of qualifying, the car’s time will not be used for Dash eligibility, the car must win its Heat to make the Dash.

• The Heat winner and the quickest transfer from each Heat will have a random draw for Dash starting position. When using a two- and three-Heat format, the quickest Heat qualifier must finish in the top five and on the lead lap of their qualifying heat to remain eligible for the Dash. The finish of the Dash will set the top starting positions of the Feature. There is one five-lap Dash.

• If the quickest Heat qualifier (4th starter) also wins the heat, then that will be the only car from that heat to go into the dash draw. If the quickest heat qualifier (4th starter) does not qualify through their Heat, the Heat winner and next faster qualifier that qualified through their Heat Race will transfer to the Dash.

• Non-dash cars that qualify for the Feature are lined up by Heat Race finish behind the Dash cars (2nd place finishers, then 3rd place finishers, then 4th place finishers etc.)

• Starting position amongst the same place finishing cars will be determined by overall qualifying time.

• Top 2 qualifiers from overall Time Trials not transferring to the Feature will occupy the front row of the Last Chance Showdown. Remaining non-transfer cars are lined up in the Last Chance Showdown, C, & D-Mains up by Heat Race finish.

• Starting position amongst the same place finishing cars will be determined by overall qualifying time.

• D-Main event transfers (2) tag the back of the C-Main event by finish position.
• C-Main event transfers (2) tag the back of the Last Chance Showdown event by finish position.
• Last Chance Showdown event transfers tag (4,6 or 7) the back of the Feature event by finish position.

• 22 Feature starters + Provisionals

This format is for ASCS National Tour events only. ASCS Regional events will follow the traditional draw/passing point system. Questions regarding the format can be directed to Cody Cordell at (918) 407-1879, or

The 2024 American Sprint Car Series National Tour begins on Friday-Saturday, April 19-20, at Super Bee Speedway in Chatham, La.

The 2024 season marks the 33rd season of competition for the American Sprint Car Series. Spearheaded by the American Sprint Car Series National Tour, the ASCS Nation includes Regional Tours encompassing Wing and Non-Wing competition.

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The American Sprint Car Series was founded in 1992, comprised of regional races primarily in the Southwest region. It then went national in 1993 and has become the premier 360 Sprint Car Series in the country, while still sanctioning nine regional series that include 360 Sprint Cars, 410 Sprint Cars and Non-Wing Sprint Cars. ASCS is supported by DIRTVision, Hoosier Racing Tire, Racing Electronics and VP Racing.