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IOW Racin’-Fest Postponed Until April 2010

Racin’ with D.O. & Spiker Promotions have postponed the IOW-Racin’-Fest until April 2010. Everything will remain the same except for Bombers will conform to LPS rules. The finalized date will be announced sometime this winter.

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Lincoln Park Speedway

D.O.’s Racin’ Fest Is Back!!!

Danny Laycock of D.O. & the King fame is one of the sport’s most avid fans; and he has always been an avid promoter. Many of you will probably recall the “racin’ fests” that he put on a couple of decades ago at Bloomington Speedway. Everybody had a great time; and there was a lot of great racing. The autograph session, the hero and hotdog qualifications, the bon-fire, etc. just helped to make the event a better last hurrah for the season. […]