“Busiest season for Midget Auto Racing in over a decade–248 events salted ” Coons new point leader after Hut Hundred

National Midget Driver of the Year

By Bryan Gapinski

Milwaukee, Wis., May 10—The busiest season for midget auto racing in over a dozen years awaits competitors nationwide, with 248 events slated this season. Since the 1999 season, The National Midget Driver of the Year Championship has determined the sport’s top driver, scoring all events nationwide.
Thirty-one events have already been held counting towards the 2010 NMDOTY Championship, with 2007 Champion Jerry Coons Jr., currently holding a narrow lead over Brad Loyet, defending Champion Bryan Clauson, and Zach Daum. Since the 1999 season the most midget events run in a single season was 226 during the 2008 season.
Three new midget sanctioning organizations: American Midget Car Series (AMCS), Angell Park Speedway Auto Racing Association (APSARA), and United States Speed Association all based in the Midwest have bolstered the number of events for the season. A complete listing of all events can be seen at www.nmdoty.com , click on schedule page.

Driver: 1. Jerry Coons Jr. 366; 2. Brad Loyet 356; 3.Bryan Clauson 304; 4.Zach Daum 303; 5 Brad Kuhn 268; 6. Dave Darland 255; 7. Brad Sweet 242; 8. Bobby East 238; 9. Kevin Swindell 200; 10. Darren Hagen 197.

Car Owner: 1.Loyet Motorsports#05, 331; 2. Keith Kunz#71, 306; 3. Corey Tucker#39, 284; 4. Dan Daum#5, 272; 5. Kahne/Curb#49, 241.

Manufacturers: Engine: 1. Ford-Esslinger 115; 2. Gaerte 26; 3. Autocraft 23.
Chassis: 1. Spike 99; 2. Stealth 58; 3. Beast 46.

Design 500 Racewear Rookie of the Year: 1. Kyle Larson 70; 2. Sean Dodenhoff 53; 3. Dillon Silverman 45.