Grandview Speedway

Grandview SpeedwayFrom Bob Miller

Bechtelsville, PA — (October 19, 2013) — With threatening weather conditions in a four state area, the NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series event schedule for Saturday night at the Grandview Speedway went on. That is until the rain fell just as the modified feature was about to take the green flag in their 25 lap feature event. After a brief rainfall, the modifieds were again called to the speedway and this time, the rainfall was heavy and damaging to the speedway surface. After about forty minutes of rain, Thunder on the Hill management cancelled the remainder of the show. Thunder on the Hill and Grandview Speedway management will make-up both the Modified and URC Sprint features on a race date in 2014.

“It was unfortunate timing that the rain moved in when it did”, said Series co-coordinator Bob Miller who presents the Thunder on the Hill Racing Series events with Track Owner Bruce Rogers. With just over one-hundred and twenty-five cars in the pits, the show started promptly at 6 PM with the Legends car feature and continued at a swift pace. The weather seemed to have cleared and the show was running off quickly with Jared Umbenhauer winning the 25 lap Sportsman feature as Trevor Kobylarz won the ARDC midget feature with Jason Rochelle taking the win in the Legends feature event. The Blast From the Past Vintage car feature event saw Donnie take the win in their 15 lap main event. The modifieds completed their Trick or Treat Revenge Redraw as the URC sprints followed with a warm-up. The modifieds were then provided a second warm-up opportunity followed by some track preparation just prior to the rain.

Due to the lateness of the season and to avoid any conflicts with other end of the season events, Thunder on the Hill Management will re-schedule both the Modified and URC Sprint feature on a race date in 2014. We do plan to add the SmashMasters Demolition Derby on to one of the popular events in the coming season as well.

In the opening 25 lap Legends feature, Rich Miller was the early race leader with Chris Spidle taking the lead on lap four. Spidle held the top spot until lap sixteen, when Jason Rochelle became the new leader. Rochelle maintained a comfortable lead until the final two laps when Spidle fought back to challenge for the lead. With the checker flag waiving, Rochelle edged out Spidle for the win by inches at the finish line.

The ARDC Midgets were next up for their twenty-five lap main event. PJ Gargiulo took immediate command of the lead at the drop of the green with Trevor Kobylarz and Steve Buckwalter threading their way through traffic. On lap ten, ARDC’s point leader Trevor Kobylarz took the lead followed by Gargiulo and Jason Rice. By lap fifteen, Buckwalter was racing in third with Kobylarz a full straight-away ahead. It looked like Kobylarz was a shoe in for the win until a caution flag was displayed with just five laps remaining. On the restart, Kobylarz had a strong jump and moved away from runner-up Steve Buckwalter. With two laps remaining, Buckwalter caught Kobylarz and it was a run to the wire. Kobylarz took the win with Buckwalter second, PJ Gargiulo third as Nick Wean and Ryan Greth made up the top five.

In the twenty-five lap Sportsman feature, Steve Davis led the first seven laps with Jared Umbenhauer taking the lead on lap eight. Kevin Beach, Brett Kressley and Craig Whitmoyer were all on a charge to the front along with Brian Hirthler. Umbenhauer maintained solid control of the top spot as Kressley and Beach battled for second. With the checker flag waiving, Umbenhauer took the win over Kressley, Beach, Brian Hirthler and Craig Whitmoyer.

SPORTSMAN FEATURE: #5 Jared Umbenhauer, #19K Brett Kressley, #17x Kevin Beach, #4* Brian Hirthler, #99 Craig Whitmoyer, # 65 Dean Bachman, #221 Ryan Beltz, #7 Kenny Gilmore, #542 Guy Germano, #9k Ron Krex, #88x Jason Neidlinger, #134 Mark Behm, #13 Steve Davis, #77H Jordan Henn, #97 Rick Hendricks, #77 Tom Miller, #5K Lex Shive, #573 Kevin Dries, #123 Kevin Brady.

ARDC MIDGET FEATURE: #1 Trevor Kobylarz, #0 Steven Buckwalter, #5 PJ Gargiulo, #78 Nick Wean, #33 Ryan Greth, #57 Jason Rice, #92 Brenden Bright, #33s Billy Pauch Jr.,#19 Steven Drevicki, #83 Bruce Buckwalter Jr., #46 Brett Arndt, #8 Kyle Lick, #50 Tony Dimattia, #44 Brett Wanner, #10 Mark Gilmore, #75 Bill Courtwright, #55 Steve Craig, #3 Joe Butera, #07 Jimmy Glenn, #28 Greg Fitzpatrick, #77 Alex Bright, #52 Tim Buckwalter.

LEGENDS FEATURE: #48 Jason Rochelle, #09 Chris Spidle, #13 Jacob Feltch, #18 Chris Transeau, #61 Justin Grim, #35, #5K Brian Levan, #85 Chad Earnst, #90 Scott Spidle, #38 Rick Miller, #11 Jason Fuhrman, #76 Randy Minnich, #15H Harlon Leppo, #56 Mike Gable, #75R Ron Dick Jr., #12J Clinton Penkauakas, #45 Andy Whaling, #21 Cody Haines, #890 Tim Bauer, #27 John Lyter.

VINTAGE CAR FINISH: #185 Ronnie Peck, #28 Kevin Kuzer, #88 Brian Gagliardo, #97 Vince Gagliardo Jr., #v-2 John Costa, #93 Brian Fucilli, #5 Kevin Burndt, #MOO Tim Pitts, #44 Kevin Dries, #2 Dave Smith, #55 Ron Phillips, #29 Jack Reifsnyder, #16 Fred Simmons, #12 Jim Baker DNS.

The NAPA Auto Parts Thunder on the Hill Racing Series is underway planning their twenty-fifth season in 2014. The USAC Sprints, the 410 Sprint Pennsylvania Speed Week Series, the Annual Traffic Jam and the Grandview Thunder 5-25’s will be back on the program along with the make-up Modified and URC sprint feature and Demolition Derby.