Branden Bright Wins Candy Bowl at Susquehanna

ardcFrom Todd Fisher

Newberrytown, PA — (October 26, 2013) — The 9th Annual Candy Bowl at the Susquehanna Speedway Park presented by J&K Salvage of York on Saturday, October 26 found more than 100 racers at the Newberrytown oval. Branden Bright of Collegeville won the exciting 20-lap wingless ARDC Midgets holding off second and third place finishers Jim Rodney and Steve Drevicki over the waning stages of the race. Trevor Kobylarz claimed his first ARDC Midget Championship as well. Luke Thomas of Camden Wyoming, Delaware was the 600cc Micro Sprints Candy Bowl winner by claiming the 20-lap feature event over Alex Bright and Mike Dicely.

Richland’s Jared Umbenhauer 20n the 20-lap Sportsman Modified feature over Brad Brightbill and Ray Woodall. Umbenhauer claimed his third straight Candy Bowl win.

Hanover’s Will Walls led from the 13th lap until the finish to claim the 20-lap Thundercars main event.

Harlon Leppo of Seven Valleys picked up the Legends Cars 20-lap feature victory followed by a wild battle for second. Lucas Montgomery came across the line in second with Jacob Feltch in third.

In the Sidewinder Sprints double features, Mike Dicely of Lewisberry claimed both 15-lap feature races.

Before the midget feature began, the cars and drivers in all divisions were brought to the frontstretch for the large crowd of children in costumes to trick or treat. This was also a great opportunity for everyone to visit their favorite drivers to get pictures and autographs.

Previous Winners of the Candy Bows presented by J&K Salvage:

2005: Mike Miller (ARDC Midgets); Cody Darrah (600cc Micro Sprints); Duane Watson

(Thundercars); Kory Sites (Street Stocks); Jason Rochelle (Legends Cars); Greg Updegraff

(Xtreme Stock Cars); Kendra Knaub (Women on Wheels Stock Cars); Butch Richcreek (Mini Vans); Penney Repp (Women on Wheels School Buses).

2006: Ray Bull (ARDC Midgets); Ben Murphy (600cc Micro Sprints); Craig Wagaman (Thundercars);

Jason Rochelle (Legends Cars); Daryl Sipe (Mini Vans); Kendra Knaub (Women on Wheels Stock Cars).

2007: Eric Heydenreich (ARDC Midgets); Brent Marks (600cc Micro Sprints); Craig Wagaman

(Thundercars); Jason Rochelle (Legends Cars); Mike Taft (Mini Vans); Kendra Knaub (Women

on Wheels Stock Cars).

2008: Randy Monroe Jr. (ARDC Midgets); Jimmy Brookens (600cc Micro Sprints); Sam Gallagher Jr.

(Thundercars); Stephen Nederostek (Legends Cars); Richard Day (Mini Vans); Kendra Knaub

(Women on Wheels Stock Cars).

2009: Steve Buckwalter (ARDC Midgets); Shane Lewis (600cc Micro Sprints); Sam Gallagher Jr.

(Thundercars); Blaine Leppo (Legends Cars); Daryl Sipe (Mini Vans).

2010: Bruce Buckwalter Jr. (ARDC Midgets); Heath Henley (600cc Micro Sprints); Sam Gallagher Jr.

(Thundercars); Craig Whitmoyer (Sportsman Modifieds); Scott Gobrecht (Legends Cars);

Daryl Sipe (Mini Vans).

2011: Alex Bright (ARDC Midgets); Tyler Walton (600cc Micro Sprints); Roy Wareheim Jr.

(Thundercars); Jared Umbenhauer (Sportsman Modifieds); Harlon Leppo (Legends Cars); Joe

Robertson (Sidewinder Sprints), Daryl Sipe (Mini Vans).

2012: Drew Heistand (ARDC Midgets); Tyler Walton (600cc Micro Sprints); Mike Walls

(Thundercars); Jared Umbenhauer (Sportsman Modifieds); Chris Transeau (Legends Cars);

Jason Stahl (Sidewinder Sprints), Zakari Sipe (Mini Vans).

2013: Brendan Bright (ARDC Midgets); Luke Thomas (600cc Micro Sprints); Will Walls

(Thundercars); Jared Umbenhauer (Sportsman Modifieds); Jared Umbenhauer (Legends

Cars); Mike Dicely (Sidewinder Sprints).

Race Results from Saturday, October 26, 2013

ARDC Midget Feature (20 laps): 1. Brendan Bright; 2. Jim Rodney; 3, Steve Drevicki; 4. Ryan Greth; 5. Brett Arndt; 6. Brett Arndt; 7. Bruce Buckwalter; 8. Billy Pauch Jr.; 9. Kyle Lick; 10. Curt Michael; 11. Steven Bull; 12. P.J. Gargiulo; 13. Brett Wanner; 14. Billy Courtwright; 15. Trevor Kobylarz; 16. Brian Gilmore; 17. Dave Shirk; 18. Clayton Glassman; 19. Greg Fitzpatrick; 20. Steve Craig; 21. Jason Rice; 22. Tony DiMattia; 23. Mark Gilmore.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Rodney (1; 6-12); Drevicki (2-5); B. Bright (13-20).

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Drevicki and A. Bright.

600cc Micro Sprint Feature (20 laps): 1. Luke Thomas; 2. Alex Bright; 3. Mike Dicely; 4. Hannah Riser; 5. Wayne Dadetto; 6. Alyson Dietz; 7. Cale Reigle; 8. Tanner Hunsicker; 9. Bo Gordon; 10. Jermaine Godshall; 11. Gunnar Layton; 12. Tyler Walton; 13. Jim Rodney; 14. Michael Douglas; 15. Bill Hagelgans; 16. Shawn Lawton; 17. Kyle Lick.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lick (1); Thomas (2-20).

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Walton and Thomas.

Sportsman Modified Feature (20 laps): 1. Jared Umbenhauer; 2. Brad Brightbill; 3. Ray Woodall; 4. Kevin Beach; 5. Andrew Cozze; 6. Michael Glass; 7. Robert Derfler; 8. Charles Fayash; 9. Thomas Miller; 10. Aaron Gerhart; 11. Kevin Belmont; 12. Jason Neidlinger; 13. Ray West; 14. Chris Hertzog; 15. Mark Behm; 16. Dale Hertz; 17. Jeremy Hertzog; 18. Jason James; 19. Brett Kressley; 20. Trent Brewbaker; 21. Doug Snyder; 22. Ryan Beltz; DNS – Rick Hendricks.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Beach (1-3); Umbenhauer (4-20).

HEAT RACE WINNERS: Belmont and Umbenhauer.

Legends Cars Feature (20 laps): 1. Harlon Leppo; 2. Lucas Montgomery; 3. Jacob Feltch; 4. Chris Spidle; 5. Scott Wilkerson; 6. John Lyter; 7. Chris Transeau; 8. Tyler Hughes; 9. Mike Weddell; 10. Randy Minnich; 11. Mason Cherry; 12. Travis McClelland; 13. Joe Ehnisman; 14. C.J. Quirk; 15. Keith Haring; 16. Brent Marquis; 17. Ed Trump; 18. Jared Licklider; 19. Chad Earnst; 20. Wayne Strout; 21. Cody Haines; 22. Andy Whaling; 23. Justin Forbes; 24. Greg Burd.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Lyter (1); Leppo (2-20).

HEAT RACE WINNER: Leppo, Lyter and Feltch.

Thundercars Feature (25 laps): 1. Will Walls; 2. Brian Walls; 3. Wayne Dutterer; 4. Zach Emlet; 5. Aaron Beard; 6. Danny Beard; 7. Calvin Redding; 8. Todd Miller.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Dutterer (1-2); D. Beard (3-12); W. Walls (13-20).

Sidewinder Sprints Feature #1 (20 laps): 1. Mike Dicely; 2. Rohan Beasley; 3. Simon Couture; 4. Brandon Yarlett; 5. Rich Halter; 6. Josh Chess; 7. Mike Zelionis; 8. Jonathan Hynes; 9. Kyle Martin; 10. Jason Stahl; 11. Tim Townsend; 12, Christian Wright; 13. Zach Overmiller.

FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Beasley (1-10); Dicely (11-15).

Sidewinder Sprints Feature #2 (20 laps): 1. Mike Dicely; 2. Rich Halter; 3. Mike Zelionis; 4. Brandon Yarlett; 5. Simon Couture; 6. Josh Chess; 7. Zach Overmiller; 8. Kyle Martin; 9. Christian Wright; 10. Tim Townsend; 11. Jason Stahl; 12. Rohan Beasley; 13. Jonathan Hynes.