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Wissmiller wins at North Vernon

North Vernon, IN — (April 18, 2015) — Mitch Wissmiller won the sprint car feature Saturday night at Twin Cities Raceway Park. Jake Scott, Jordan Kinser, Dickie Gaines, and Scott Hampton rounded out the top five.

410 Sprint Heat 1: Jake Scott, Ron Combs, Chris Phillips, Troy Link, Dickie Gaines, J.T. Stapp, Bub Cummings, David Applegate

410 Sprint Heat 2:
Mitch Wissmiller, Logan Hupp, Jordan Kinser, Drew Abel, Braxton Cummings, Matt Branning,
Ethan Barrow, Scott Hampton (DNS)

410 Sprint Feature: Mitch Wissmiller, Jake Scott, Jordan Kinser, Dickie Gaines, Scott Hampton, Drew Abel, Ethan Barrow, Braxton Cummings, Logan Hupp, Ron Combs, Chris Phillips, J.T. Stapp, Troy Link, Matt Branning, Bub Cummings (DNS), David Applegate (DNS)