Jason Martin Takes Home His Third URSS Bullring Nationals Win

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Each year the drivers of the United Rebel Sprint Series make the trek to their favorite track of the series. The lightning fast ¼ mile oval in Lacrosse Kansas affectionately dubbed “The Bullring” to slug it out for 30 ‘elbows up’ laps of racing. This year’s event was no exception as twenty three teams made the pull for the 2015 Myers Engine URSS National Points Series event with the eyes on the win. This year’s race had an extra incentive as Miller Trucking awarded a Treager Grill to the driver who passed the most cars for the evening as well as paying an extra $75.00 to each of the Heat Race and Dash winners.

Greeley Colorado racer Austin Mclean led the field to the green with Jeremy Huish, Brian Herbert, Steven Richardson and JD Johnson rounded out the top five. Before lap two was in the books Craig Jecha spun in turn two with Mclean simultaneously spinning in turn three to bring out the first yellow of the night. On the restart Huish jumped out to the lead with Richardson, Herbert, Johnson and Koby Walters making up the top five. Back in the pack Luke Cranston and Jason Martin started their charge to the front with Cranston taking over the fifth spot on lap four with Martin racing his way to the seventh position. Caution waived again on lap as Jecha spun for a second time in turn four.

On the restart Huish once again took the point with Richardson, Herbert, Cranston and Walters on his tail tank. Herbert made his way past Richardson on lap six with Cranston taking the third spot from Richardson on lap seven. Herbert pressured Huish for the top spot taking it on lap nine with Martin hot on the heels of Richardson for the fourth spot. Caution would come out for the third time when Cranston hit a tire and came to a stop on the front stretch with damage to the front end of his ride ending his night.

On the restart Martin would jump to the lead with Herbert, Huish, Richardson and Walters rounding out the top five. Richardson would take over the third spot on lap twelve as JD Johnson and Zac Taylor made their way past Walters to take over the fifth and sixth spots respectively. Caution once again waved on lap thirteen as Tracy Hill spun in turn four to bunch up the field. On the restart Herbert jumped out to the lead with Richardson, Martin, Johnson and Huish in tow. Martin took the second spot on lap fifteen and set his sights on the leader.

Lap sixteen saw Jake Bubak break into the top five as he wrestled the spot away from Huish. Martin was on the tail tank of Herbert with Johnson and Bubak pressuring Richardson as battles sprang up all over the track. Martin took the top spot back on lap eighteen with Johnson and Bubak making their way around Richardson on lap nineteen. The caution flew on lap twenty as Ty Williams went off of the top side of turn three to bunch up the field once again.

On the restart Martin once again took the point with Herbert being pressured by Johnson and Bubak with Richardson in the fifth spot. Johnson and Bubak made their way past Herbert on lap twenty two to take over the second and third spots respectively. Back in the pack Zach Blurton had made his way up to challenge Richardson for the fifth position finally making the pass on lap twenty four. The yellow waved once again on lap twenty five as Zac Taylor who was running sixth at the time cut down a right rear tire to bring out the caution.

On the restart Martin once again took the point with Johnson, Bubak, Blurton and Herbert in tow. As the white flag flew Williams spun in turn one to set up a Green, White, Checker to determine the winner. On the restart Martin took the point with Johnson Bubak, Blurton and Herbert in his tire tracks. Koby Walters made his way to the fifth spot as he made the pas on Herbert with one to go. As the checkers flag fell it was Martin taking his third ‘Bullring Nationals’ win with Johnson, Bubak, Blurton and Walters rounding out the top five. However Johnson was light at the scales and Bubak did not go to the scales after the race and both were DQ’d.

Jason Martin won the Traeger Grill sponsored by Miller Trucking for passing the most cars in all races combined – 14 cars.

Jason Martin also won the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger Award, moving up 9 spots for the win.

Heat Race winners were Brian Herbert, Jeremy Huish and Austin Mclean. Dash Winners were Jason Martin, Ty Williams and Zac Taylor.

Bullring Nationals A-Feature

1 Jason Martin
2 Zach Blurton
3 Koby Walters
4 Brian Herbert
5 Steven Richardson
6 Jeremy Huish
7 Darren Bowman
8 Jeff Radcliffe
9 Zac Taylor
10 Jed Werner
11 Lance Davis
12 Tracey Hill
13 Austin McLean
14 Brandon Sprott
15 Ty Williams DNF
16 Ken Lutters DNF
17 Luke Cranston DNF
18 Connor Atkinson DNF
19 Ryan Walters DNF
20 Craig Jecha DNF
21 JD Johnson DQ
22 Jake Bubak DQ
23 Jared Kern DNS