GLSS Partners with the National Championship Racing Association


MERRILL, Mich (February 26, 2017) — With a desire to help local racers and not wanting to get complacent after a successful inaugural season, Great Lakes Super Sprints (GLSS) is excited to announce joining forces with the National Championship Racing Association (NCRA) for the 2017 season.

On the local level, GLSS and the K&N Concrete’s NRA Sprint Invaders have partnered up, dove tailing their schedules together, streamlining the rules package, race procedures and payouts for our drivers, making it easier to run co-sanctioned shows and individual shows. Which will give fans in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Canada more opportunities to enjoy 360ci winged sprint car racing.

With this type of local partnership in mind, GLSS owner Barry Marlow has had his eye on giving our drivers and teams more national recognition, while helping with sponsors, endorsements and bigger purses.

For the past 6 months, the owner of Sprint Car Bandits (SCB) Steve Lang from Mesquite, TX, and Marlow have spent hours on the phone working on putting together a national alliance for our local and regional sprint series such as ourselves.

One of the key ingredients that we wanted in our national alliance was that each local and regional series that joins would still operate under their own rules and procedures. But by joining together we could provide mutual support and greater opportunities for our local teams.

Lang and Marlow reached out to many of the other independent 360ci sprint groups around the country and received a great deal of interest and excitement in this concept. Several of these groups are in the process of announcing their alliance as well with the NCRA.

The NCRA was founded in 1971 and has been a sanctioning body for the past 46 years. The alliance with NCRA and other Independent 360ci Winged Sprint series around the country will provide a bigger footprint from a marketing and advertising standpoint.

There have been many synergies that have been discussed and there will be much more information and news shared in the near future as our alliance spreads across the country.

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