URSS Belleville 305 Nationals Early Entry Deadline Near

URSS United Rebel Sprint Series Top Story

From Rick Salem
The POWRi URSS-sanctioned Belleville 305 Sprint Car Nationals is rapidly approaching with the highly-anticipated event set for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 1st 2nd and 3rd. The eartly entry deadline is July 15th and is only $30 and all early entrants will receive one free pit pass for Fridays preliminary night.

Thursday night will be practice only so drivers can acclimate themselves to the famed high banks.

The Friday portion of the event will offer up a $2,500 winner’s share with $350 to start while the Saturday finale boasts $7,000 to the winner with a minimum of $1,000 for each feature starter.

Also in conjunction with Belleville will be a $1,000 to win show 30 miles north in Deshler, NE on Wednesday night July 31st.

The format for the Belleville 305 Sprint Car Nationals will be as follows.

The Format: A full card of heats, qualifying races and features awaits fans and competitors alike on both nights. The format will be identical on both Friday and Saturday night with the exception that any driver that does not compete in Friday’s preliminary event may start no better than 11th in Saturday night’s “A” Feature event.

Pill draw will determine heat race lineups on both nights, with the top 40 in passing points going directly into four Qualifying Races that will have an invert of six. The balance (41st on back) will go to “C” Mains and “D” Mains as needed.

Upon completion of the Qualifying Races, the top 16 in combined passing points from the Heat and Qualifying Races will go directly to the “A” Main with starting order straight-up based on points. Those 17th-40th in combined passing points from Heats and Qualifiers will go to two “B” Mains with “C” Main transfers tagging “B” Main lineups.

The Top Four from each “B” Main will transfer to the “A” Main to make a for a 24-car “A” Feature field on both nights.


Friday….1st 2,500, 2nd 1,500, 3rd 1,300, 4th 1,100, 5th 1,000, 6th 950, 7th 900, 8th 850, 9th 800, 10th 750, 11th 700, 12th 650, 13th 600, 14th 550, 15th 500, 16th 450, 17th 400, 18th 400, 19th 400, 20th 400, 21st 400, 22nd 350, 23rd 350, 24th 350 Non Qualifiers $100

Saturday….1st 7,000, 2nd 3,500 3rd 3,000, 4th 2,500, 5th 2,000, 6th 1,750, 7th 1,650, 8th 1,600, 9th 1,550, 10th 1,500, 11th 1,450, 12th 1,400 13th 1,350, 14th 1,300 15th 1,250 16th 1,200 17th 1,150, 18th, 1,100, 19th 1,050, 20th 1,050, 21st 1,000, 22nd 1,000, 23rd 1,000 24th 1,000 Non Qualifiers 250