Bryan Howland Crowned as First Three-Time Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Champion

From Rich Vleck

RUSH, NY — In what turned out to be a banner year for the Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Region, Bryan Howland was able to repeat as series champion and was able to take home nearly double the money he did last year.

Over 100 people were in attendance at the Wildwood Country Club in Rush, NY to see Bryan Howland take the Lion’s share of the $30,000 cash point fund paid out with the support of Lucas Oil, A-Verdi Storage Containers, Insinger Race Fuels, Hoosier Tire Canada, PJ Motorsports and Riverside Bar and Grill.

Howland, 22, of Auburn, NY, his family and his team sat at the front table once again Saturday Night at the 2009 Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Awards banquet, as he became the first driver to ever collect a third series title with the Patriots. In the process, Howland would collect a check of $6300 in year end point funds.

“There was a lot of tough competition this year,” admitted Howland about his path to his third title. “Every race out was tough and Jared (Zimbardi) was strong for most of the year.”

After capturing $3205 as 2008 Champion, the pilot of the Filtrec Corporation/Maxim/ Jimmy D’s No. 51 nearly doubled that total in 2009 due in large part to his consistency in all areas of the tour. With the inception of the “Lucas Oil Five Crown Tour” this season, $13,000 in mini-series money was up to grab, and Howland made sure to get a good slice of each.

Howland was one of just two drivers to finish in the top-10 in each of the Five Crown Series, and he was no worse than third in any of them. Along the way he captured the King of OH/ PA $heriez and the Riverside Bar and Grill King of the St. Lawrence.

“At Eriez (after he won and locked up the regional and overall title), it was nice to finally sit back and reflect and celebrate on the season,” added Howland. “It was a grueling tour out there and was non-stop until that point.”

As part of a new program in 2009, Howland captured a stunning trophy given to this year’s champion courtesy of Ohsweken Speedway and the Canadian Sprint Car Nationals.

Howland was able to secure the championship due in large part to his top-level performance in the final five races as he recorded two wins and three runner-ups to pull away to win by 149 points over Jared Zimbardi in what had been the tightest points race in Patriots history.

“I just can’t thank my dad for all of his work this year. He is in the shop every night and makes sure the cars are ready to go”, added “Flyin Bryan, about his father who, John, who was recognized as the 2009 Mechanic of the Year.

Jared Zimbardi was the runner-up in the overall standings for the third straight season, but this year took home more money than he did in the last two years combined. The Little Valley, NY driver was also formally crowned as the PJ Motorsports King of the Southern Tier.

Don Adamczyk and Bubba Broderick were third and fourth in the final standings, respectively, and joined Howland and Zimbardi in receiving awards for perfect attendance in 2009. Adamczyk’s No. 21 was named the best appearing car for the sixth time in seven years and Broderick’s team was named the Patriots of the Year for their never-ending commutes from Connecticut.

The Breen Brothers, Bobby and Blake, took fifth and sixth in the standings, respectively. Bobby also became the third different driver to capture the lucrative and prestigious A-Verdi Storage Containers King of Central New York, while Blake, the older of the Savannah, NY duo, was recognized as King of the Golden Horseshoe as well as having the worst average when drawing for heat races.

Gordy Button, Derek Jonathan, Chris Muhleisen and Scott Kreutter rounded out the top-10 in the overall point standings, with Kreutter also receiving an award to acknowledge his bad luck on the season.

Dave Wickham took home 11th in points, along with an award for perseverance while Brandan Warner completed the dedicated dozen and was declared the Most Outstanding Newcomer to the tour.

Devin Caron, of Cornwall, Ontario, was named the Insinger Racing Fuels Rookie of the Year and was presented his rookie jacket and eagle trophy. Caron made a late season push to become Rookie of the Year Eligible.

Trevor Lewis was also in attendance to receive a number of honors, including being the Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season. Despite missing more than half of the shows, the Upper Black Eddy, PA driver consistently went forward in A-Main competition. Lewis was also presented a bonus check for capturing two events in the Holiday Weekend Bonus Program contested at Sharon and Eriez Speedways.

Photographer Jay Fish was awarded for his continued dedication to motorsports. Gordy Button won a new set of Brodix Cylinder Heads and Bobby Breen took home a ratchet from PJ Motorsports as part of a random draw amongst the top-12 in points.

A good time was had by all in attendance as Hot Wings TV DVD’s allowed for some great story swapping before jumping in to one of the four Quicktime Simulators present to take on one another while after the season was over.

Regional Director Mike Emhof made it clear that the Patriot ship is sailing in the correct direction in 2010, with many of the same speedways and sponsors returning heading in to the next decade. A number of new high-paying shows were also confirmed to get everyone excited for next spring.

The next stop during the off-season will be next week at the National Parts Peddler Trade Show and Auction in Syracuse, NY, where once again Bryan Howland’s No. 51 will be on display in the Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Booth Friday through Sunday with Bryan making an appearance on Saturday.

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2009 Lucas Oil ASCS Patriot Awards Banquet

Overall Standings

Place Driver Hometown Point Fund Total (Cash)

1 Bryan Howland Auburn, NY $6300

2 Jared Zimbardi Little Valley, NY $3575

3 Don Adamczyk Williamsville, NY $2350

4 Bubba Broderick Brookfield, CT $2225

5 Bobby Breen Savannah, NY $2450

6 Blake Breen Savannah, NY $1850

7 Gordy Button Kirkville, NY $1275

8 Derek Jonathan Lewiston, NY $1150

9 Chris Muhleisen Arkport, NY $1000

10 Scott Kreutter Alden, NY $425

11 Dave Wickham Brewerton, NY $750

12 Brandan Warner Liverpool, NY $1000

Other Drivers In Attedance Receiving Money

Devin Caron Cornwall, Ont $650

Trevor Lewis Upper Black Eddy, PA $1600

Gary Troutman Andover, NY $150

A-Verdi Storage Containers King of Central New York Top-10

Place Driver

1 Bobby Breen

2 Bryan Howland

3 Jared Zimbardi

4 Chuck Hebing

5 Don Adamczyk

6 Dan Kaszubinski

7 Scott Kreutter

8 Bubba Broderick

9 Gordy Button

10 Tim Kelly

Riverside Bar and Grill King of the St. Lawrence Top-10

Place Driver

1 Bryan Howland

2 Alain Bergeron

3 Bubba Broderick

4 Brandan Warner

5 Gordy Button

6 Brian McDonald

7 Devin Caron

8 Paul Pekkonen

9 Jared Zimbardi

10 Shawn Donath

PJ Motorsports King of the Southern Tier Top-10

Place Driver

1 Jared Zimbardi

2 Bryan Howland

3 Don Adamczyk

4 Bubba Broderick

5 Bobby Breen

6 Blake Breen

7 Chris Muhleisen

8 Brad Knab

9 Derek Jonathan

10 Gary Troutman

King of OH/PA $heriez Top-10

Place Driver

1 Bryan Howland

T-2 Trevor Lewis

T-2 Bubba Broderick

4 Blake Breen

5 Don Adamczyk

6 Scott Bonnell

7 Jared Zimbardi

8 Derek Jonathan

9 Kyle Moffit

10 Judi Bates

King of the Golden Horseshoe Top-10

Place Driver

1 Blake Breen

2 Dave Dykstra

3 Bryan Howland

4 Bobby Breen

5 Jared Zimbardi

6 Jamie Collard

7 Kevin Loveys

8 Keith Dempster

9 Ryan Hunsinger

10 Scott Kreutter

Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season Top-3

Place Driver

1 Trevor Lewis

T-2 Jared Zimbardi

T-2 Bryan Howland

Additional Awards-

Insinger Race Fuels Rookie of the Year- Devin Caron

Perfect Attendance- Bryan Howland, Jared Zimbardi, Don Adamczk, Bubba Broderick

Dedication to Motorsports- Jay Fish

Award for Sportsmanship- Jared Zimbardi

Hard Luck Award- Scott Kreutter

Worst Drawer of the Season- Blake Breen

Mechanic of the Year- John Howland

Patriots of the Year- Broderick Motorsports

Best Appearing Car- Adamczyk Motorsports No. 21

Award for Perseverance- Dave Wickham

Outstanding Newcomer- Brandan Warner

Holiday Weekend Bonus Program Winner- Trevor Lewis