Cornell Captures Season Opener at LA

wow winged outlaw warriors
wow winged outlaw warriors

From Chad Buford

LaMonte, MO(April 10th)-Returning to the track where he started his sprint car career, Jonathan Cornell picked up his first career Winged Outlaw Warrior win on Saturday night at LA Raceway. One of his main sponsors, Kiowa Line Builders, also was the night’s race sponsor making the win even more special.

Tyler Blank led early as he was followed closely by Austin Alumbaugh and Eric Todd. The lead trio remained this way through the first four laps as Cody Baker, Jonathan Cornell, and Josh Fisher waged a battle just behind them.

By lap five, Todd was able to work his way past Alumbaugh for the runner-up spot, but Alumbaugh would not give up the spot without a fight. Cornell was also working his way into the fray with Baker and Fisher continuing to keep the lead group in their sights.

Todd was steadily gaining as Blank ran high and Todd low. On lap eight, Todd was able to get by Blank with a low move past a lapped car while Blank was trapped. Todd continued to lead, but Blank and Alumbaugh were never too far behind as the trio sliced and diced through traffic.

By lap twelve, Cornell had also worked his way into the battle as he started pressuring Alumbaugh for third. A couple of laps later, Fisher also entered the fray. Cornell was able to work by Alumbaugh as a lap later Fisher also would make a pass of Alumbaugh for third. Before the lap could be completed, a yellow was thrown for David Brown, who spun off the track between turns three and four. This would move Fisher back to fourth behind Alumbaugh. The yellow would set up a four lap dash to the checkered.

On the restart, Todd’s motor would stumble allowing Cornell to get up beside him in turns one and two. Cornell shot into the lead going down the backstretch and would go on to his first career WOW win in the Kiowa Line Builders/Yeager’s Harley Davidson Maxim with Ostrich power as he was not challenged over the final four laps. Fisher was able to work his way by Todd on the final lap in the Ozark Barge and Dock Service/Champion Brands/Impact Sign and Lighting Co. Maxim with Singer power. Todd would hang onto a solid third in the Amsoil Maxim with a Todd Racing Engine built by his father Joe. Alumbaugh was fourth in the Rick Wood Masonry/Alumbaugh Heating and Cooling/Nevels Sign Graphics XXX with a Bulldog Racing Engine. Blank would round out the top five in the Blank’s Backhoe/Schlotz Landscaping/Timbrook Motorsports JEI with Patriot power. Running a solid sixth was Curtis Boyer in a J&J as Jon Corbin finished seventh. Randy Martin ran eighth in his first race with Roush/Yates power while Baker and Mike Hess rounded out the top ten. Heat races for the 22 car field were won by Rusty Potter, Tyler Blank, and Eric Todd.

The Winged Outlaw Warriors will next race at Lake Ozark Speedway in Eldon, MO next Saturday April 17th in the first annual LOS Spring Nationals which will pay the winner $3000.

April 10th results

22 cars

1st Heat-8 laps

1. 3P Rusty Potter-Boonville, MO(1) 2. 33 Austin Alumbaugh-Higginsville, MO(5) 3. 14 Randy Martin-California, MO(4) 4. 86x Josh Fisher-Smithton, MO(7) 5. 18 Mike Hess-Springfield, IL(3) 6. 14K Kyle Bellm-Nixa, MO(6) 7. 93 Taylor Walton-Warrensburg, MO(8) 8. 11C Dakota Carroll-LaMonte, MO(2)

2nd Heat-8 laps

1. 75 Tyler Blank-California, MO(7) 2. 38 Cody Baker-Lone Jack, MO(3) 3. 88 J Kinder-Holt’s Summit, MO(1) 4. 72 Curtis Boyer-New Haven, MO(5) 5. 43 Frank Brown – Marshall, MO(6) 6. 2A Randy Hibbs-Savannah, MO(4) 7. 48 David Brown- Marshall, MO(2)

3rd Heat-8 laps

1. 21T Eric Todd-Falcon, MO(1) 2. 28 Jonathan Cornell-Sedalia, MO(6) 3. 44 Jon Corbin-Kansas City, MO(4) 4. 22 Dustin Barks-Farmington, MO(5) 5. 3 Mark Shirshekan-Farmington, MO(7) 6. 18W Chris Walker-Oak Grove, MO(3) 7. 1P Curtis Evans-Norborne, MO(2)-DNF

A Main-20 laps

1. 28 Jonathan Cornell-Sedalia, MO(5) 2. 86x Josh Fisher-Smithton, MO(8) 3. 21T Eric Todd-Falcon, MO(4) 4. 33 Austin Alumbaugh-Higginsville, MO(2) 5. 75 Tyler Blank-California, MO(1) 6. 72 Curtis Boyer-New Haven, MO(11) 7. 44 Jon Corbin-Kansas City, MO(9) 8. 14 Randy Martin-California, MO(7) 9. 38 Cody Baker-Lone Jack, MO(3) 10. 18 Mike Hess-Springfield, IL(13) 11. 3 Mark Shirshekan-Farmington, MO(15) 12. 22 Dustin Barks-Farmington, MO(10) 13. 18W Chris Walker-Oak Grove, MO(16) 14. 14K Kyle Bellm-Nixa, MO(14) 15. 88 J Kinder-Holt’s Summit, MO(6) 16. 2A Randy Hibbs-Savannah, MO(17) 17. 93 Taylor Walton-Warrensburg, MO(19) 18. 48 David Brown- Marshall, MO(18) 19. 11C Dakota Carroll-LaMonte, MO(20)-DNF 20. 43 Frank Brown – Marshall, MO(12)-DNF 21. 3P Rusty Potter-Boonville, MO(22)-DNF 22. 1P Curtis Evans-Norborne, MO(21)-DNF