Ferguson Wins Top Gun Feature at Ocala

Top Gun Sprint Car Series

The Top Gun Sprints made their first visit of 3 for 2010 to Ocala Speedway on April 9 2010. There were 19 cars at the track to give fans three heat races and a 25 lap feature race.

Mark Ruel Jr. in the 83 car has the pole for the start of the first heat race with Tim George in the 1 car on the outside. The 24 car of Danny Martin took the checkered flag and the heat win. Gene Lasker in the 02 had the pole for the second heat with Darrin Miller in the 21M on the outside. It was the 21M car that made the better start and led the heat from start to finish to take the win. The 13 car of Coty Smith had the pole for the third and final heat race alongside Rocky Sullivan in the 15 on the outside. The 6 of Mike Schroeder took the race lead on the first lap and went on to win the heat.

The feature race was lined up using passing points and a 6 car inversion, putting Tim George in the 1 on the pole with Amanda Ferguson in the 21A on the outside. The 21A made a good start and took the early race lead. Amanda held on to the lead and took the feature race win. It was her first win on dirt in a sprint car for only being 16 watch out guys. Tim George in the 1 finished in second place followed by the 24 of Danny Martin, Darrin Miller the 21M and Ryan Partin in the 14 rounded out the top five.

The next race for Top Gun Sprints is April 24,2010 at Volusia Speedway Park.

Top Gun Sprints

Ocala Speedway, April 9, 2010

Heat #1

1) 24 Danny Martin (Sarasota, FL)

2) 1 Tim George (Venice, FL)

3) 21A Amanda Ferguson (Montverde, FL)

4) 9 Tim Grubaugh (Ocala, FL)

5) 83 Mark Ruel Jr. (Jacksonville, FL)

6) 0X Robert Bozema (Sparr, FL) DNS

Heat #2

1) 21M Darrin Miller (Tampa, FL)

2) 02 Gene Lasker (Tampa, FL)

3) 14 Ryan Partin (Orlando, FL)

4) 30 John Crowder (Summerfield, FL)

5) 16 Shane Kreidler (Jupiter, FL)

6) 21Z Harley Zimmerman (Jacksonville, FL) DNS

Heat #3

1) 6 Mike Schroeder (SouthWestRanches, FL)

2) 15 Rocky Sullivan (Plant City, FL)

3) 38 Tony Agin (Ft. Myers, MS)

4) 47W Kyle Welchance (Sebring, FL)

5) 6X Brandon Grubaugh (Ocala, FL)

6) 13 Coty Smith (Sanford, FL)

7) 22 Shawn Murray (Jacksonville, FL)

Feature: 1) 21A Amanda Ferguson; 2) 1 Tim George; 3) 24 Danny Martin; 4) 21M Darrin Miller; 5) 14 Ryan Partin; 6) 38 Tony Agin; 7) 15 Rocky Sullivan; 8) 6 Mike Schroeder; 9) 30 John Crowder; 10) 22 Shawn Murray; 11) 9 Tim Grubaugh; 12) 47W Kyle Welchance; 13) 6X Brandon Grubaugh; 14) 83 Mark Ruel Jr.; 15) 02 Gene Lasker; 16) 16 Shane Kreidler; 17) 13 Coty Smith DNS; 18) 0X Robert Bozema DNS; 19) 21Z Harley Zimmerman DNS