Broc Martin wins first feature in 410 Sprints 6 PAK Saturday at Sharon Speedway

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From Sharon Speedway

HARTFORD, Ohio (May 15, 2010) – Broc Martin jumped out of his car and onto the 83m machine following the 410 Gibson Insurance Sprint Feature as part of the 6 PAK Saturday at Sharon Speedway. It was his first win at the 3/8-mile dirt oval.

“I told myself all winter, I wanted one win here, one time,” the Wooster teen told announcer Jim Pollock following the race, reminiscing about watching the races, wondering what it’d be like to win.

Martin was followed by Russ Sansoti (Struthers, Ohio), Jack Sodeman Jr. (North Jackson, Ohio), Cary Edwards (Columbiana, Ohio) finished out the top five in a cloud of smoke. Sodeman and Aaron Shaffer (Oak Park, Illi.) were the night’s heat winners.

May 15 was the second points race of the season for 410 Sprints, Big Block Modifieds, E-Modifieds, Pro Stocks, Limited Sprints and Hobby Stocks at Sharon Speedway.

With 18 events, including heats and features, the night ran about three hours with six divisions.

In E-Modified action, Russ Dunn (Fenelton, Pa.) announced it clearly following the E-Modified feature, “We’re back.” It was his first return to victory in some years.

Jeffrey Johnson (Mineral Ridge, Ohio) came in second, followed by Joseph Gabrielson (Bristolville, Ohio), in third, Dwayne Clay (Mineral Ridge, Ohio) and last week’s winner, Alan Dellinger (Hermitage, Pa.) finished fifth in the 19-car, 15-lap feature.

Stan Womer (Warren, Ohio) and Michael Aley (Fredonia, Pa.) battled side-by-side for first for the start of the 18-car Pro Stock feature, but it was Alan Dellinger (Hermitage, Pa.) who got the checkered flag in the end. It was the only caution in the feature.

“I figured they’d get to racing, they’d leave the corner open, leaving the inside open for me,” Dellinger said after the race.

Womer fell back and finished third, while Aley went into the wall in turn one to end his night and end the feature on a checkered caution. It was Tim Burns (Greenville, Pa.) who finished second. James Flaherty (Masury, Ohio) moved up from starting sixth to finish fourth, followed by Steven Burns (Masury, Ohio.) Dellinger and Chad Stevenson (Ashtabula, Ohio) were the Pro Stock heat winners.

Governor Insurance Agency Big Block Modifieds finished with a white-flag caution, leading to a a restart with one lap to go.

Kevin Bolland (New Brighton, Pa.) finished first after running neck-and-neck with Robert Kristyak (Bristolville, Ohio) for most of the race. On the lap 19 restart, Bradley Rapp (Shippenville, Pa.) jumped on Kristyak to finish second, leaving Kristyak to finish third. Rex King Sr. (Bristolville, Ohio) finished fourth, followed by Robert Curtis (Greenville, Pa.), Sharon Speedway’s 2009 Track Champion.

Michael Scharba (Masury, Ohio) won the 13-car Hobby Stocks feature after starting in sixth position. Scharba says there was bumping with heat winner Dillen Kineston, who finished second behind him.

Scharba says something broke on is transmission and his Dodge Neon popped out of gear two or three times in the feature, but says this was the first week he was able to keep on it the whole way around the track.

Bill Fuchs (Greenville, Pa.) came in third, followed by a tight race for fourth. Chris Roberts (Cortland, Ohio) ended up getting the position, followed by Randy Sprouse (Lisbon, Ohio) and Billie McMurray (Boardman, Ohio) who moved up from the final, 14th spot in the feature to finish fifth.

Guy Griffin (Greenville, Pa.) overcame a crash last season with rehab through the winter to win a Limited Sprint heat and feature Saturday at Sharon Speedway.

“It felt good, I thought maybe I’d have a problem with my reflexes, but so far, so good,” Griffin says.

Griffin came in second place during the first 6 PAK Saturday event at Sharon Speedway. That week, he finished behind Jason Scoville (Warren, Ohio) who finished fourth this week.

In the Limited Sprint feature Saturday at Sharon Speedway, Nicholas Miller (Cortland, Ohio) finished second, followed by Robert Felix Jr. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) in third and Scoville in fourth. Cory Good (Bairdford, Pa.) finished out the top five. James Morris (Fowler, Pa.) was the night’s other Limited Sprint heat winner.

Hobby Stock feature results: 1.) Michael Scharba (Masury, Ohio) 2.) Dillen Kineston (New Castle, Pa.) 3.) Bill Fuchs (Greenville, Pa.) 4.) Chris Roberts (Cortland, Ohio) 5.) Randy Sprouse (Lisbon, Ohio) 6.) Billie McMurrary (Boardman, Ohio) 7.) Joseph Piesniak (Linesville, Pa.) 8.) Wayne Stamp (Niles, Ohio)

Limited Sprint feature results: 1.) Guy Griffin (Greenville, Pa.) 2.) Nicholas Miller (Cortland, Ohio) 3.) Robert Felix Jr. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 4.) Jason Scoville (Warren, Ohio) 5.) Cory Good (Bairdford, Pa.) 6.) Chad Matthews 7.) AJ Albrecht (Warren, Ohio) 8.) Jonathan Frederick (Tylersburg, Pa.) 9.) James Morris (Fowler, Pa.) 10.) Adam Kekich (Hermitage, Pa.)

Governor Insurance Agency Big Block Modified feature results: 1.) Kevin Bolland (New Brighton, Pa.) 2.) Brad Rapp (Shippenville, Pa.) 3.) Rob Kristyak (Bristolville, Ohio) 4.) Rex King Sr. )Bristolville, Ohio) 5.) Rob Curtis (Greenville, Pa.) 6.) Jim Weller Jr. (Hubbard, Ohio) 7.) Tommy Kristyak (Stoneboro, Pa.) 8.) Del Rougeux (Frenchville, Pa.) 9.) Dean Pearson (Harrisville, Pa.) 10.) Jim Rasey (Southington, Ohio) 11.) Carl Weatherby (Volant, Pa.) 12.) Mark Flick (Apollo, Pa.) 13.) Carl Murdick (Butler, Pa.) 14.) Jason Longwell (Greenville, Pa.) 15.) Kevin Green (New Castle, Pa.) 16.) Ron Eperthener (Grove City, Pa.) 17.) Ken Moy Jr. (Cortland, Ohio)

Pro Stock feature results: 1.) Alan Dellinger (Hermitage, Pa.) 2.) Tim Burns (Greenville, Pa.) 3.) Stan Woods (Warren, Ohio) 4.) James Flaherty (Masury, Ohio) 5.) Steve Burns (Masury, Ohio) 6.) Jamie Duncan (Brookfield, Ohio) 7.) Brian Carothers (Youngstown, Ohio) 8.) Chad Stevenson (Ashtabula, Ohio) 9.) Rich Howell (Jefferson, Ohio) 10.) James Scharba (Masury, Ohio) 11. Eric Williams (New Waterford, Ohio) 12.) Mike Clark (Bristolville, Ohio) 13.) Tony Bruno (Girard, Ohio) 14.) Allan Hudzik (Youngstown, Ohio) 15.) Mike Aley (Fredonia, Pa.) 16.) Rob Pollock (Youngstown, Ohio)

Gibson Insurance Agency 410 Sprint feature results: 1.) Broc Martin (Wooster, Ohio) 2.) Jack Sodeman Jr. (North Jackson, Ohio) 3.) Russ Sansosti (Struthers, Ohio) 4.) Eric Williams 5.) Gary Edwards (Columbiana, Ohio) 6.) Aaron Shaffer (Oak Hill, Illi.) 7.) Chris Shuttleworth Wellsville, N. Y.) 8.) Brent Matus 9.) Robert Lime (North Olmsted, Ohio)

E-Modified feature results: 1.) Russ Dunn (Fenelton, Pa.) 2.) Jeff Johnson (Mineral Ridge, Ohio) 3.) Joe Gabrielson (Bristolville, Ohio) 4.) Dwayne Clay (Mineral Ridge, Ohio) 5.) Alan Dellinger (Hermitage, Pa.) 6.) Paul Phillips (Burghill, Ohio) 7.) Jim Weller Jr. (Hubbard, Ohio) 8.) Jim White Jr. (Niles, Ohio) 9.) Jeff Hassay (Cortland, Ohio) 10.) Arlan Coy (Salem, Ohio) 11.) Ed Wilson Jr. (Hermitage, Pa.) 12.) Paul Drater (Niles, Ohio)

Friday, May 21 will be the second night of Friday Night Thunder at Sharon Speedway with Mod Lites, Sportsman, Micros, 2 bbl E-Mods and Hobby Stocks. There will be double features for Mod Lites, Sportsman, 2 bbl E-mods and Hobby Stocks who did not complete their feature races during the first night of Friday Night Thunder on May 7 due to severe weather.

Tickets for Friday Night Thunder are $10 for adults and gates open at 5 p.m., with racing starting at 7 p.m. Fans who present a ticket from Friday Night Thunder at the following Saturday 6 PAK will receive $3 off general admission tickets.

6 PAK Saturday will continue at Sharon Speedway on May 22 with an Oldies Night. Fans dressed in 50s attire will receive $3 off the $13 general admission ticket price. Gates will also an hour earlier at 3 p.m. for a car cruise-in with a DJ. There will also be a hula hoop contest at intermission with a prize for the winner.

Tickets and passes are available at the speedway ticket windows, by calling (330) 772-5481 or by visiting