MTS memorial weekend ends with 2 new Feature winners

mts Michigan Traditional Sprints
mts Michigan Traditional Sprints

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2008 Champion Mike G. notched his first MTS feature win on a hot, humid night at Thunderbird Raceway. Joe Bares gave G. a good run until a mid race spin. Mike stretched his lead after 2 more cautions with Tim Evilsizer capturing the second position and Steve Irwin taking 3rd. Heat race winners: Mike G., Nick Landon, & Ryan Davis

The enthusiastic crowd at Crystal Motor Speedway saw an exciting race as Mike Miller of Wapakoneta, Ohio made a last lap pass to take the lead & win his first MTS feature.
Heat race winners were Mark Irwin, Steve Irwin, & Mike Miller

Thunderbird Raceway 5-59-10

1. Mike Galajda, 2. Tim Evilsizer, 3.Steve Irwin, 4. John Watson, 5. Chuck Wilson, 6. Ernie Kuehneman, 7. Andy Hunt, 8. Gary Hayward. 9.Mike Astrauskas, 10. Jim Girard, 11. Mark Irwin, 12. Don Smith, 13. Joe Irwin, 14. Curtis Edney 15. Ryan Davis, 16. Nick Landon, 17. Joe Bares, 18. Mark Strpko, 19. Randy Kreple, 20. tony Bures, 21. Tracy Rice, DNS Keith Love, DNS Woody Wood

Crystal Motor Speedway – 5-30-10

1.Mike Miller, 2. Joe Bares, 3. Mike Galajda, 4. Keith Love, 5. Steve Irwin, 6. Ernie Kuehneman, 7. Tim Champlin, 8.Mark Irwin, 9.Mike Astrauskas, 10.Tim Evilsizer, 11.Chuck Wilson, 12.John Watson, 13.Don Smith, 14.Ryan Davis, 15. Joe Irwin, 16. Gary Hayward, 17. Mark Strpko, 18. Curtis Edney, 19.Randy Kreple, 20. Jim Girard, 21. Tracy Rice