FAST Championship Series Offers Ohio Speedweek Cash Bonus

by Bryan Autullo – FAST Public Relations

MAUMEE, OH (6-13-10)

For the second year in a row, the organizers of the Fremont/Attica Sprint Title in cooperation with the promoters of Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway are offering a $1000 cash bonus to any FAST Series driver who can win the Ohio Sprint Speedweek points title. If one of the F.A.S.T. regulars cannot take the top spot, a $500 Bonus will be paid to the highest finishing F.A.S.T. regular for the week. If a F.A.S.T. driver does win the Ohio Speedweek title and the $1000 bonus, the $500 will be awarded to the second highest F.A.S.T. driver in the week’s standings. Points will be based on the All Star’s Ohio Speedweek points system which awards 100 points to the winner of each event and is reduced by 1 point per position through the entire field (including B-main and C-main). No show up points are calculated for determining Ohio Speedweek points.

Fremont promoter Rich Farmer and Attica promoter John Bores both stepped up to the plate in 2010 to put up the cash for this bonus as a reward for the support these teams have shown their tracks this season. “I think the FAST Series has been great for our local drivers and we want to see these teams support Ohio Speedweek and compete with the drivers from other areas around Ohio as well as give the All Stars a run for the money each night,” said Farmer. “Ohio Speedweek has always been one of the biggest weeks of sprint car racing in the State of Ohio and we would like to see these guys take it seriously and go compete each night if they are able to and show the fans across the state what we get to see each weekend at Attica and Fremont,” he added.

Rules of eligibility for the Ohio Speedweek cash bonus:
1. Driver must have competed in all F.A.S.T. Series points events through June 12, 2010.
2. Driver must have Kistler Racing Products F.A.S.T. Series decal on both side panels of the top wing for each event throughout the week. (See a F.A.S.T. Series rep for decals if needed.)

Drivers who are eligible for the Ohio Speedweek cash bonus are:
Byron Reed, Brock Mayes, Mark Keegan, Phil Gressman, Craig Mintz, Kevin Lee, Chris Andrews, Jody Keegan, Bryan Sebetto, Brandon Martin, David Harrison, Todd Heller, Mike Linder, Brian Smith, Shawn Valenti, and Duane Zablocki

Ohio Sprint Speedweek is 9 days of sanctioned All Star Circuit of Champions events starting this Friday (June 18th) at Attica Raceway Park paying $5,000 to win and ending a week from saturday (June 26th) at Fremont Speedway for the $10,000 to win finale. The week of events are to be held at the following tracks across the state of Ohio. Attica Raceway Park (6/18), KC Raceway (6/19), Millstream Speedway (6/20), Wayne County Speedway (6/21), Hilltop Speedway (6/22), Waynsefield Motorsports Park (6/23), Sharon Speedway (6/24), Limaland Motorsports Park (6/25), Fremont Speedway (6/26).

There is enough talent in Northern Ohio to go out and win the Ohio Sprint Speedweek title if any of the eligible teams should choose to run the full 9 night schedule. The FAST organization wishes these teams the best of luck in defending their turf and showing the fans in Ohio what we are lucky enough to see around here on a weekly basis.

For more information on admission prices, start times and directions to either Attica or Fremont, visit or for more information. To find out more about the Kistler Racing Products F.A.S.T. Championship Series presented by SRP Pistons & Engine Pro, the drivers, the rules, the schedule, and to learn about the series’ sponsors visit

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Kistler Racing Products FAST Championship Series Top 25 Point Standings after 6/11/10:

1 5R Byron Reed 1012
2 11B Brock Mayes 912 -100
3 X Mark Keegan 864 -148
4 53 Phil Gressman 862 -150
5 20X Craig Mintz 822 -190
6 3J Kevin Lee 798 -214
7 15C Chris Andrews 791 -221
8 60 Jody Keegan 742 -270
9 24H Lee Jacobs 733 -279
10 16 Bryan Sebetto 723 -289
11 11M Brandon Martin 722 -290
12 10 David Harrison 696 -316
13 14H Todd Heller 690 -322
14 312 Mike Linder 683 -329
15 9X Rob Chaney 681 -331
16 2+ Brian Smith 679 -333
17 97 Dean Jacobs 656 -356
18 28 Shawn Valenti 618 -394
19 9Z Duane Zablocki 615 -397
20 28K Todd Kane 530 -482
21 47 Caleb Helms 527 -485
22 26 Cody White 524 -488
23 91 Aaron Middaugh 443 -569
24 O Bill Morrison 437 -575
25 45 Brian Lay 416 -596
NOTE: Points for 6/12/10 will be added after make up feature event is run on July 3rd.

FAST on Dirt, Inc. would like to thank the following contributors to the 2010 FAST Championship Series point fund:

Kistler Racing Products, Engine Pro, JE/SRP Pistons, Design Graphics Group, Inc, KS Sales & Service, Engler Machine & Tool, Oliver Rods, Henry MotorSports Inc., J&F Construction, Black Swamp Media Group,, Kears Speed Shop, Computer Man, Inc., SCS Gearbox,, Hoserville Ohio,, Level Performance, R&R Auto Wrecking, Reebar Diecasting, The King’s Den, FSR Radiator, Real Geese, Buckeye IT Services, High Vista Video, Racers Racing for a Cure, Gressman Powersports, NAPA (Bryan, OH), Gaerte Engines, Action Photos, PostNet (Fremont, OH), New York Life (Jeremy Shambaugh), Young’s RV Center, October Hills Farms, and OC Shocks

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