Sodeman charges to 410 Sprint win

sharon speedway
sharon speedway

From Katie Libecco

HARTFORD, Ohio (June 12, 2010) – 6 PAK Saturday at Sharon Speedway on June 12 saw two hotly contested grudge matches, a big win for Tim Burns in Pro Stocks and a solid feature win in Gibson Insurance Agency 410 Sprints.

The Gibson Insurance Agency 410 Sprints A-Main event ran 19 of 20 laps under a green flag, with Gale Ruth Jr. (Pleasantville, Pa.) leading until lap 12. But when Ruth slid wide in turn three, division points-leader Jack Sodeman Jr. (North Jackson, Ohio) took the lead and won Saturday night at Sharon Speedway with authority.

With the restart on the last lap, Scott Bonnell (Fairview, Pa.) tried to make a move on second-place Ruth but fell just short, finishing third. Chris Shuttleworth (Wellsville, N.Y.) finished fourth and James Seger (Morrisdale, Pa.) rounded out the top five.

“Hard, slick track, my dad always used to say, it’s like peanut butter and jelly – they go together so well,” Shuttleworth said in a post-race interview.

Shuttleworth said he knew Gale would be competition, saying he knows Gale also finds success on surfaces like the 3/8-mile at Sharon Speedway Saturday.

The Limited Sprint feature started with a tough break for race leader Jim Morris III, who did an about-face in turn one on the fifth lap, letting Rob Felix Jr. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) inherit the lead on the restart of the 15-lap feature. Behind Felix, Guy Griffin (Greenville, Pa.) had moved up from starting ninth to second. Griffin used a restart to slingshot around Felix and set up a large lead in his third start this season at Sharon Speedway.

Griffin cruised to his second consecutive win at Sharon Speedway, followed by Felix. Nick Miller (Cortland, Ohio) maintained a large lead to finish third over Morris, who ended up with a fourth place finish. Andrew Albrecht (Warren, Ohio) rounded out the top five with his first top-five finish at the 3/8-mile oval. Griffin is currently the Limited Sprint points leader at Sharon Speedway.

June 12 results: (*denotes heat winner):

Gibson Insurance Agency 410 Sprints: 1.) Jack Sodeman Jr.* 2.) Gale Ruth Jr. 3.) Scott Bonnell 4.) Chris Shuttleworth 5.) James Seger 6.) Travis Philo 7.) Broc Martin 8.) Russ Sansosti 9.) BrandomN Matus 10.) Bob Lime 11.) Aaron Shaffer 12.) Andrew Paden* 13.) Leo O’Malley 14.) Gale Ruth Sr. DNF: Bill Jones, Brent Matus, Cory Good

Limited Sprints: 1.) Guy Griffin 2.) Rob Felix Jr. 3.) Jim Morris III 4.) Nick Miller 5.) Andrew Albrecht 6.) Adam Kekich 7.) Justin Whitesell* 8.) Chad Matthews DNF: Cory Good