ESS Heads to Autodrome Edelweiss for a $2,000 to win A-Main.

From Dean Reynolds

SYRACUSE, NY – After a weekend off the stars and cars from the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints (ESS) are ready to get back in gear for another Northwood 2 Construction/LaSalle Motorsports event this Friday night, June 18th. The site and place is the Autodrome Edelweiss Speedway just north of Canada’s capital Ottawa for a $2,000 to win A-Main sponsored by Engine Research.

With the added backing and travel tow money to all teams, the Engine Research A-Main also, pays $1,200 for second, $1,000 for third with a hefty $375 just to take the green. If you happen to miss qualifying for the A-Main you will receive at least $125 on the night. This purse will also be duplicated on Fri., Aug. 13th when ESS returns to Edelweiss, the night before the Quebec Sprint Car Nationals.

With three full events in on the 2010 season, the “Cobra” Chuck Hebing is on top of the point standings. He currently leads a pair of two-time champions Steve Poirier and Lance Yonge with defending champion Justin Barger right behind the leading trio. Other ESS stars looking to be on hand will be Dan Kaszubinski, Michael Parent, Jeff Cook, Anthony Cain, Tommy Wickham, Kevin Ward Jr. and many more. Several local stars will have the fans interest such as Brian McDonald, Chris Jones, Lee Ladouceur, Tyler Rand, Normand Beaudreault, Daniel Lampron, Dale Gosselin, Paul Pekkonen and Sylvain Erickson.

Car Mate Custom built trailers will bring you the heats, Grampa’s Garage Appraisals is sponsoring the Cobra Coaches Dash event with Engine Research have the title sponsorship of the 25 lap finale.

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Autodrome Edelweiss Speedway, 1/3rd mile, fast, tacky and filled with fans…It’s the Northwood 2 Construction/LaSalle Motorsports Canadian Sprint Car Series for the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints! It will be excitement guaranteed!!

Past Empire Super Sprint Winners at Autodrome Edelweiss Speedway

July 14, 1990

Mal Lane

June 8, 1991

Jeff Thomas

Aug. 3, 1991

Mal Lane

June 20, 1992

Tom Taber

Aug. 1, 1992

Mike Lauterborn

June 19, 1993

Roger Horvath

July 31, 1993

Mike Woodring

July 25, 1997

Mike Woodring

July 24, 1998

Lance Yonge

July 10, 1999

Mike VanDusen

July 20, 2001

Steve Dow

July 19, 2002

Ryan Coniam

July 18, 2003

Mike Lutz

July 16, 2004

Nick Fratto

July 15, 2005

Doug Norrie

July 14, 2006

Lance Yonge

Aug. 18, 2006

Jason Barney

July 13, 2007

Jeff Cook

Sept. 21, 2007

Bubby Kerrick

Aug. 15, 2008

Lee Ladouceur

Sept. 19, 2008

Steve Poirier

June 12, 2009

Tommy Wickham

July 17, 2009

Steve Poirier