Brian Brown – Back on Top at Knoxville!

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Brian Brown was back on top of the heap at Knoxville Raceway last Saturday, and it came on a special night as well. His grandfather, George Lasoski, was inducted into the Knoxville Raceway during intermission. The win put the Grain Valley, Missouri driver back on top of the point standings as well. This week, he’ll race four times, including a make-up of the World of Outlaws show in Sedalia, two nights with the ASCS-Midwest in Nebraska and back at Knoxville.

Despite coming out late in qualifying, Brian managed to post the fifth quick time of the night at Knoxville. He struggled to a fifth place finish in his heat. “Our motor wasn’t running well, and with a heat that tough, we were lucky to just get fifth,” he says. “That one spot was the difference between starting fourth, and starting sixteenth (in the feature). That was a key to our win.”

The heat run sounded the alarm, and the FVP team went to work on the problem. “On Friday and Saturday, I really felt something was off,” says Brian. “In the heat, we were six-tenths off the fastest car. It wasn’t running off the corner very well. Chad (Morgan) and the guys decided to check the timing, and it was off. Derek (Beckman) was shocked when he adjusted the timing, and that told us we had a short somewhere. There ended up being a crack in the mag cap, which could have been there for three or four weeks.”

Starting fourth in the feature, it only took a couple of laps for Brian to get out front and pull away. “Once we changed the mag, it was a whole new ballgame, and the Ostrich Racing Engine was really good, like I knew it would be,” he says. “We got a really good start on Seth (Brahmer) on the outside, and we were able to get rolling.”

Some dicey moves in traffic were necessary in Brian’s eyes. “There were a couple of ‘eyebrow’ moves there,” he says. “In lapped traffic, you have to go. If you wait a split second, they’ll be on top of you. When your car is that good, it makes the driver look good, but mostly our car was just that good.”

Brian used a different shock package as well. “Lynton Jeffrey is now building shocks (VFC), and he told us if we won, I could keep the four he had us try on our car,” he says. “It made a big difference for us, and the car ran really well. Lynton is a huge innovator in our sport, and he does a great job with the shocks, and of course, our wings too. Quite a few top runners have his shocks now.”

The night was made more special with George’s induction. “I know that there would be no Brian Brown Racing or even Brian Brown the sprint car driver without George Lasoski,” says Brian. “From day one, he’s been the one to get me into racing. He’s been a big supporter for me, not only in racing, but in life. If something goes wrong, he’s the one I call.”

John Beaver, who passed on Friday, the Jordan Brothers and Don Sonner were also inducted. “I don’t know many that would say a cross word about him,” says Brian of his grandpa. “Danny (Lasoski) is the same way. He wouldn’t be where he is today without my grandpa. To be honored like he was Saturday was special. He’s been in my Hall of Fame for a lot longer. I try to treasure every single minute I have with the people in my life, because you never know. My thoughts and prayers are with John Beaver’s family right now. I wish he could have enjoyed the spotlight on Saturday too.”

Last Friday night, Brian ventured to Junction Motor Speedway near McCool Junction, Nebraska, for a WoO date. He qualified sixteenth and missed the heat invert. “We were eighth quick overall in the hot lap session, so things were looking good,” he says. “The track kept getting slower in qualifying until we got out there. Sixteenth isn’t where you want to be with the World of Outlaws, where so much depends on your time.”

Starting inside row eight of the main event, Brian made his way into the top ten at a track he loves to race at. Unfortunately, a blown tire on the white flag lap relegated him to a DNF. “We had a good run,” he says. “We were challenging Steve for ninth on the last lap, and the left rear exploded. That was disappointing after the run we had.”

Tuesday night, Brian will be with the WoO in Sedalia. Thursday night, he’ll be back in McCool Junction with the ASCS-Midwest series. That series will run again Friday night at Nebraska Raceway Park in Greenwood, and Saturday, he’ll be back in the 410 at Knoxville.

Knoxville Video Highlights Brian!

Brian is featured as “Racer of the Week” on the Knoxville website. Just go to Click on the “Videos” box on the homepage, and then scroll up and click on Brian’s featured video. The clip is about ten minutes long, and chronicles Brian’s history at Knoxville and in racing, and his recent second place finish with the Outlaws. You can also access highlights from the features at Knoxville all year long.

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Brian’s Q&A

Craig Peters asks: What is your secret to getting around the Junction Motor Speedway (five wins in 11 tries)?

Brian answers: It’s just a different track. Turns one and two are really sweeping. Three and four can get tight at times. We’ve got a pretty good package there that works well. It kind of fits my driving style. Usually, you use the throttle to brake there and we’ve been fortunate to have some good luck there.

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Brown’s Bits

Brian couldn’t be heading to four tracks he didn’t like more than Sedalia’s State Fair Speedway, Junction Motor Speedway, I-80 Speedway and the Knoxville Raceway. He has won a total of 47 feature events at the four tracks. That is more than half his career total.


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Marketing Partner of the Week – Maxim Chassis

Brian says, “Chuck and Karen Merrill are not only great people, but they put everything into putting the best car out on the market. I’ve always been a supporter of theirs, and with Brian Brown Racing, you’ll always see their chassis.”

Brian has been partnering with Maxim since 2003. After years of success as a car owner, Chuck Merrill started his chassis business in a rented three-bay garage in November of 1988. The first car was driven by Johnny Herrera at the Florida All Stars Sprint Week in February of 1989. By June of that year, Maxim moved into a 7,000 square foot facility. By 2001, Maxim had grown substantially producing 304 chassis that year. In 2002, Maxim moved to its present 12,500 square foot location in Springfield, Illinois. Maxim continues to offer their customers unmatched service and support, and currently has 17 quality employees, and builds over 400 chassis on an annual basis. Their world-famous “K-car” was designed for Steve Kinser, and has won ten Knoxville Nationals titles and fourteen World of Outlaws championships! To top it all, Maxim offers a warranty if you are not completely satisfied with your car. For more information on Maxim, visit!

Associate Marketing Partner of the Week – Carrillo Rods/CP Pistons

Brian says – “With our Ostrich Racing Engines, Carrillo and CP have been my choice the last three or four years. We’re happy to use them, and hope we can win some races for them.”

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