New Belleville race format announced

From Bryan Gapinski

Belleville, Kan., July 14—Entries are starting to be received in the Belleville Officials office for the 33rd annual Speedway Motors Belleville Midget Nationals on Aug. 6-7 at the Belleville High Banks.

Officials of the sanctioning body National Championship Racing Association (NCRA) and The Belleville High Banks Race Committee have announced a new race format designed to make create new excitement in qualifying and the preliminary races for one of midget auto racing’s most prestigious events.

Confirmed entries have been already received for: defending Belleville Champion Bryan Clauson, 2008 Champion Brad Sweet, Brad Loyet, Shane Golobic, and Matt Johnson. Entry Blanks are now available for download at the tracks website:

General Admission tickets for all events are sold first-come first-served on race day at the ticket gate. Reserved Seating tickets are available. General admission available only if the event is not sold out, and available only on the day of the race at the track ticket office (bottom 3 rows only). For tickets, contact: Jensik Insurance, 1309 18th St., Belleville, KS 66935, Phone: 785-527-2713, Fax: 785-527-2125. Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (CST),

The race format will be as follows:

Friday Night

—Qualifications – 200 points are awarded for quick timer, 198 for second quick, 196 for third, etc.
(Only the top 50 qualifiers make the heats, the rest are put in the last chance heats in which the first eight finishers will fill the back
of that night’s C feature (starting in the sixth row)).

—Last Chance Heats (for drivers out of the top 50 in Qual.) – 50 points
awarded to the winner, 47 for 2nd, etc.

—Heats – 100 points are awarded for the heat winner, points go down by three: 97, 94, 91, 88, etc.Heats are totally inverted (10). This sets up the best racing of the week. Top four finishers go to A, next four to B, last two to C.

Features line up by points high points on the pole.
—C feature – Top two finishers go to back of the B. Third place is worth 96 pts., 2nd is 94, etc.
—B feature – The top four finishers transfer to the tail of the A. The B awards 142 points for fifth, 140 for sixth and so on by twos.

—A feature – The A feature points are the same as time trials: 200, 198, 196 etc. This explains how a driver can not make the A, but
if he timed well may have more points than someone who did make the A. Ties in points go to the quicker timer.

A perfect score (quick time, heat win, feature win) is 500.

Saturday Night

Heat races luned up from Friday points inverted

winner and runner up from Friday’s A feature plus the next 2 highest cars in points only run the POLE Scramble.

Top 4 points car after the heats go to the Pole Scramble total points heat race points plus Fridays points.

Pole Scramble (8 draw for start position) Fridays A feature winner draws first, second place draws second, high points from draws third, second high points from draws 4th, High points from Saturday draws 5th,on down to the 8th car.

Cars start scramble with 0 points. After scramble High points car starts on the pole second high outside front row and so on.

20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 (Plus one point per position advanced.)

B feature – Line up would be by high total points car for on the poll (Friday nights points added to Saturdays nights heat race points). Top 4 cars transfer to the A.

A feature – Lined up by the high points cars from the scramble on the pole and so on. Balance of field 9th on would be lined up by their overall points from both nights. B feature cars tag the field and line up how they finished the B.