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Chad Humston
Chad Humston

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NEWTON (August 5, 2010) – It was a weekend of training for the Mark Burch Motorsports, Chad Humston Racing team. They traveled east for the last time before the Knoxville 360 Nationals. “It’s all about what we’ve been learning. The more we can get our there, the better our notes will be when it comes time to review them.” Owner Mark Burch said.

Chad started the night by coming out of the shoot as the fastest car in warm ups; which gave him a great feel of the car and the track for qualifying. The Engler Machine and Tool #1M, qualified third fastest, behind Maeschen and Roberts. “We are going to have to be on top of our game on Thursday night. We’re discovering that the track seems to fall of pretty quickly after 30-40 cars qualify on it.” Owner Mark Burch said as he takes a look ahead.

The Engler Machine and Tool #1M started sixth in his heat race. Chad made his way to fourth, through the push-and-shove and by the time he made his way by Heskin, there was no catching one and two. It was a last minute shot, but Chad had the bottom groove and made his pass for third as the checkered was thrown.

The night’s previous results placed Chad and the #1M in eighth for the Saturday night A-Main. Unfortunately, with some set up issues the crew discovered that they were missing something. “We were just too neutral, too light on top and too free on the bottom. When you get hung out in the middle too much, it’s hard to make up much speed and speed is what we were lacking.” Owner Mark Burch said. Although the car was a handful, Chad brought home a hard earned fifth place. “It seems to be a bit trying at times, but that’s what helps us learn. It was a great night and we’re ready to take our notes, equipment and personnel out to get it done this weekend.” Chad Humston had to say.

Be sure to get out to Knoxville Raceway for this weekend’s 360 Nationals! Cheer on Chad and the Engler Machine and Tool #1M through some of 360’s toughest competition. “No worries here. We’re going to have as much fun as possible.” Owner Mark Burch said with a smile on his face.

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