Jonathon Hendrick Wins Hewitt Classic at Waynesfield

From Cassie Keysor,Jan Dunlap photo


The 2nd Annual Jack Hewitt Classic presented by Aesthetic Finishers in in the books and the one word that can best the describe the night is “WOW”. A great crowd was on hand to see Jonathan Hendrick pick up the $4000 to win Lee’s Hydraulics Non Wing Sprints/Lane Automotive Michigan Traditional Sprints A Main, honoring one the all time racing legends.

The crowd was treated to a special drawing as Rick Rorabaugh of Williamsburg, Ohio won the “Ride of a Lifetime” and started the Jack Hewitt Classic A Main in the back seat of Jack’s 2 seater sprint car.

The 2nd Annual Jack Hewitt Classic presented by Aesthetic Finishers $4000 to win A Main was the final feature of the evening. As driver introductions were completed, you could cut the tension with a knife as the 22 drivers saluted the fans with a wave lap before getting down to business. As #68 Jonathan Hendrick and #78L Kirk Jeffries led the field to green, it was obvious that the crowd was going to be in for something special. After a brief caution on lap 2 for a spinning #78L of Jeffries the field restarted with Hendrick in the lead and 20 snarling machines looking to get around him. #57 Thomas Meseraull of San Jose, CA would head up to the cushion and begin to close on Hendrick on lap 7. On lap 15, the 18k of Todd Keen began to show his hand working the bottom of the speedway to perfection and closing on the leader. Meanwhile, T-Mez and Hendrick began to trade slide jobs as “The Flyin Buckeye” #54 Matt Westfall kept things interesting as the 4 leaders raced 2 and 3 wide for the next several laps. Caution flew one more time on lap 26 for a spinning car, setting up a 4 lap dash to the finish, which would see Matt Westfall making a valiant charge on the final lap as he pulled along side Hendrick on the bottom, but Hendrick held the momentum on the high side, grabbing the win and $4000 payday. Jack Hewitt was in victory lane to congratulate Hendrick on his win, and told the crowd “If you didn’t like what you saw here tonight, you just ain’t a race fan” #54 Matt Westfall would come home 2nd, #57 Thomas Meseraull 3rd, #18k Todd Keen, and #8b Mike Brecht would race his way to 5th after making the field as a provisional starter for being the highest WRP points driver not locked into the field. Heat races were won by #54 Matt Westfall, #57 Thomas Meseraull, #78L Kirk Jeffries, and #68 Jonathan Hendrick. The B Main was won by #23 Mitch Wissmiller. #34 “The Ohio Hammer” Luke Hall battled with the leaders early but the handle went away on his machine late in the race relegating him to a 6th place finish. “The car just got way too tight at the end. I couldn’t hold it down and Brecht got me on the last lap” Hall said later. Good luck to Luke and the Team Fenner crew as they head out to compete in the 50th Annual Knoxville Nationals this week!

Congratulations to the top 5 in points for the “Road to the Hewitt Classic” Mini-Series presented by Hoosier Tire. Winning the series was #57 Thomas Meseraull, 2nd was #54 Matt Westfall, #41 Steve Ott was 3rd, #0 Steve Irwin 4th, ands #24 Landon Simon 5th. Thank you to all of the drivers and teams who competed in the series, thank you to all of the tracks and promoters for allowing this to happen at your facilities, and a big thank you goes out to Hoosier tire for putting this series on.

Waynesfield Raceway Park track promoter Dean Miracle would like to thank all of the teams and drivers who supported the 2nd Annual Jack Hewitt Classic. All of you did a tremendous job last night and put on one of the best shows ever at Waynesfield. A Huge thank you to the fans who came out and supported us last night as well. Without you there is no reason to put on the great racing that you have come to expect at WRP. We will continue to strive to present you with the very best value for your entertainment dollar for the remainder of 2010 and beyond!

Waynesfield Raceway Park is back in action next Saturday night August 14th with a great show. We will be “Racing for Kids With Cancer” as everyone who brings a new toy to donate to Nationwide Childrens Hospital in Columbus, Ohio will receive a free hot dog or soda from our concession stand and will also be entered into one of several drawings for gift baskets donated by several local businesses. Also a raffle for a brand new Bell racing helmet signed by several open wheel superstars is underway. The Lee’s Hydraulics Non Wing Sprints will compete in double features as we make up the feature event from Saturday July 24th. Also in action will be the AMSA Mini Sprints, Miracle Motorsports Tuff Trucks and JR and Sons Service Center Compacts. General Admission is $12 for ages 16 and older, $6 for ages 11 to 15, and kids 10 and younger get in FREE. Pit passes $25. Pit gates open at 4PM, Grandstand gates at 5PM, Racing at 7PM.

 Lee’s Hydraulics Non Wing Sprints/Lane Automotive Michigan Traditional Sprints

“2nd Annual Jack Hewitt Classic”

Heat 1 – 8 Laps, Top 4 Transfer to A Main

1. #54 Matt Westfall; 2. #41 Steve Ott; 3. #18b Landon Simon; 4. #9E Tim Evilsizer; 5. #23w Mitch Wissmiller; 6. #00 Joe Irwin; 7. #42 Rick Horne; 8. #8B Mike Brecht

Heat 2

1. #57 Thomas Meseraull; 2. #31 Chuck Wilson; 3. #18k Todd Keen; 4. #2h Dallas Hewitt; 5. #8c Lewie Christian; 6. #20 Tom Rhoades; 7. #63 Jim Dues; 8. #40 Travis Hery

Heat 3

1. #78L Kirk Jeffries; 2. #23s Kyle Simon; 3. #0 Steve Irwin; 4. #66 Ernie Kuehneman; 5. #18I Mark Irwin; 6. #7 Dustin Trost

Heat 4

1. #68 Jonathan Hendrick; 2. #34 Luke Hall; 3. #37d Mike Dunlap; 4. #14 Chad Wilson; 5. #9n Jon Nelson; 6. #37k Kyle Conaway

B Main – 10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer to A Main

1. #23w Mitch Wissmiller; 2. #8c Lewie Christian; 3. #20 Tom Rhoades; 4. #63 Jim Dues; 5. #8b Mike Brecht; 6. #7 Dustin Trost; 7. #37k Kyle Conaway; 8. #9n Jon Nelson; 9. #00 Joe Irwin; 10. #40 Travis Hery; 11. #42 Rick Horne; 12. #18I Mark Irwin

A Main – 30 Laps $4000 to Win 2nd Annual Jack Hewitt Classic

1. #68 Jonathan Hendrick; 2. #54 Matt Westfall; 3. #57 Thomas Meseraull; 4. #18k Todd Keen; 5. #8b Mike Brecht*; 6. #34 Luke Hall; 7. #2h Dallas Hewitt; 8. #23 Kyle Simon; 9. #37d Mike Dunlap; 10. #14 Chad Wilson; 11. #31 Chuck Wilson; 12. #63 Jim Dues; 13. #41 Steve Ott; 14. #18b Landon Simon; 15. #78L Kirk Jeffries; 16. #8c Lewie Christian; 17. #66 Ernie Kuehneman; 18. #0 Steve Irwin; 19. #9e Tim Evilsizer; 20. #23w Mitch Wissmiller; 21. #20 Tom Rhoades; 22. Rick Rorabaugh**

*Granted provisional starting spot as highest in WRP points not locked into A Main – Started 21st

**Started A Main in the back of Jack Hewitt’s 2 seat sprint car