Fedewa Flies to Spartan Sprint Car Win

By Bob Buffenbarger

Tom Fedewa drove to victory in the 25 lap feature at Spartan Speedway in front of a big crowd Friday night. Mike Astrauskas would pace the seventeen car field from the pole and led the initial lap. Jimmy McCune passed the 3a of Astrauskas just as lap two was about to complete but the 55 of Taylor Ferns and 35 Chris Hettinger both spun in turn four bringing out the caution and negating McCunes move. On the restart McCune succeeded taking the point on lap two.

With five laps in, the running order was McCune, Jim Heeney looking strong, Doug Dietsch, Tom Fedewa, Ohio’s Charlie Schultz and Austrauskas. Lap six saw another yellow for a three car melee in turn four involving Dietsch, Ferns and Austraskas with only Ferns eventually restarting. The order with six in was McCune, Heeney, Fedewa, the 50m of Schultz, 5 of Tommy Hurley and 41 of Troy Underwood. After the green came out once more Jim Heeney in the 17 car drove under McCune and took the lead on lap seven. Fedewa also got by McCune and moved to second.

At the ten lap mark Heeney was looking like the car to beat with Fedewa, McCune, Schultz and Hurley trailing. The racing now was intense with all these cars plus Chris Hettinger moving into the battle. As the laps clicked off 2nd thru 5th were all running under a blanket side by side nose to tail in an excellent dogfight. The 21st circuit saw Heeney caught behind a lapped car and Fedewa jumped on the chance and went to the front taking Schultz with him into 2nd.

At the checkers it was Fedewa, Schultz, Heeney, McCune and Hurley. Heats went to Taylor Ferns and Charlie Schultz.

Car counts have been climbing all season for the Friday night wingless sprint car series at Spartan Speedway, and tonight was the highest number of cars thus far with 17 cars in the pits.

Check the photo gallery in the morning for some Spartan pictures.

Spartan Speedway 8-20-2010
25 Lap Feature

1.- 42 Tom Fedewa 2. – 50 Charlie Schultz 3.- 17 Jim Heeney 4.- 70 Jimmy McCune 5.- 5 Tommy Hurley 6.- 35 Chris Hettinger 7.- 41 Troy Underwood 8.- 4 Tyler Underwood 9.- 10 Davey Brown 10.-23 Matt Kinzinger 11.- 55 Taylor Ferns 12.- 8 Ed Lute 13.- 0 Doug Dietsch 14.-3a Mike Austrauskas 15.- 31 Craig Curtis 16.- 69 Tracy Rice 17.- 95 Gary Hollis