Passmore Takes Advantage to Win at Thunderbird

From John Rittenoure

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma (August 21, 2010) – Jamie Passmore does not need any help when it comes to winning races, but he got a little help from Frank Dittman at Thunderbird Speedway on Saturday and took full advantage to win the 25-lap main event.

It was the first visit to the historic half-mile on the Muskogee Fairgrounds for the OCRS in many years and a total of 32 cars showed up to entertain a packed grandstand reminiscent of days of old. For many it brought back memories of super modified racing in the sixties. Then in the 70’s the track became known for one of the best weekly late model shows in the country. But Saturday open wheel cars were back and it was a night to remember.

The 20-car starting field took the green with Danny Smith and David Dutton on the front row but it was Passmore who led the first lap coming from inside second row. The series points leader set a high-speed pace around the half-mile for the first 14 laps despite a trio of yellows. On lap three Billy Frazier spun then a second yellow waved on lap six for a log jam of cars which involved Brent Merchant, Shayla Waddell, Terry Easum, Brady Demeree and Travis Jenkins. Lap eight saw another yellow as Mike Goodman slowed along the outside wall.

Meanwhile ninth starting Frank Dittman was closing on Passmore, despite the restarts, and roared around the former champion for the lead on lap 15. Dittman seemed to have the race well in hand as the laps wound down until lap 23. Dittman slipped out of the groove and Passmore stormed underneath to take back the lead for the last two circuits of the half-mile to pick up his sixth victory of the season. Dittman held on to second while Rafe Essary, Dean Drake, Jr. and Smith rounded out the top five.

A pair of B features were run and Brent Merchant led veteran Glen Passmore to the finish to earn the first two transfer spots. The race was red flagged early on when Tim Kent flipped. Kent was not hurt. Kyle Clark won the second B main followed by Travis Jenkins.

The OCRS returns to Tri-State Speedway in Pocola, Oklahoma next Saturday, August 28.

OCRS Sprints

HEAT 1: 1, Danny Smith. 2, Billy Frazier. 3, Tyler Johnson. 4, Terry Easum. 5, Brady Demeree. 6, Burt Davis. 7, Kyle Bedford. 8, Kyle Clark.

HEAT 2: 1, Shayla Waddell. 2, David Dutton. 3, Kevin Guinn. 4, Shane Sellers. 5, Jeremy Allen. 6, Glen Passmore. 7, Kevin Cummings. 8, Brent Merchant.

HEAT 3: 1, Fred Mattox. 2, Dean Drake, Jr. 3, Mike Goodman. 4, David Stephenson. 5, Kerry McAlester. 6, Tim Kent. 7, Evan Sewell. DNS: Keith Bolton.

HEAT 4: 1, Rafe Essary. 2, Frank Dittman. 3, Jamie Passmore. 4, Waylon Weaver. 5, Travis Jenkins. 6, Jason Adams. 7, Jeff Garnett. 8, Mike York.

B FEATURE: 1, Brent Merchant 2, Glen Passmore. 3, Kerry McAlester. 4, Shane Sellers. 5, Evan Sewell. 6, Keith Bolton. 7, Kirby Bedford. 8, Tim Kent.

B FEATURE: 1, Kyle Clark. 2, Travis Jenkins. 3, Jason Adams. 4, Kevin Cummings. 5, Burt Davis. 6, Mike York. 7, Jeff Garnett.

A FEATURE: 1, Jamie Passmore. 2, Frank Dittman. 3, Rafe Essary. 4, Dean Drake, Jr. 5, Danny Smith. 6, Travis Jenkins. 7, Fred Mattox. 8, Kevin Guinn. 9, David Dutton. 10, Brady Demeree. 11, Tyler Johnson. 12, Glen Passmore. 13, David Stephenson. 14, Kyle Clark. 15, Waylon Weaver. 16, Billy Frazier. 17, Mike Goodman. 18, Shayla Waddell. 19, Terry Easum. 20, Brent Merchant.