Duncan Dominant for Danny Smith in 410 sprints

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k-c raceway kc

From Scott Wolfe

CHILLICOTHE, OHIO-Danny Smith once again found a way to victory lane. This time it was as a car owner with his hired-young gun Cole Duncan as the driver in his first-ever K-C main. Duncan, in the Smith number 4, claimed the 30-lap/$2,500 feature win in the Goodyear 410 sprint car main at Jeff and Vickie Schrader’s K-C Raceway, where Rob Stambaugh dominated the Advanced Services AMRA Modified main for his first K-C win, while Jamie Adams claimed the Dan Reno Hobby Stocks and Tom Partin won the Legends race.
Oh what a wild Goodyear 410 Sprint car main! Pole-sitters Ron Blair and Jimmy Nier were the first in the ring with Blair taking the top spot and Nier making a crossover move to regain the lead coming out of turn four of the first lap. Blair scrubbed of some speed, allowing Californian Randy Hannigan into the mix. By lap three the trio of Nier, Hannigan, and Cole Duncan mixed it up with Duncan momentarily taking the lead on lap four.
The trio charged on, all within inches of one another, as they inched toward lapped traffic. Duncan again showed himself the point, but Nier reclimed the lead with Hannigan close in tow. By lap ten Dale Blaney made it a four car race as a blanket could have covered the front runners. At the conclusion of lap thirteen youngster Mitchell Harble clipped the front wall, triggering a series of high end-for-end flips that nearly took out the flagstand. Harble came to rest upside down, but when the car was righted hopped out of the car to a throng of cheers from the large “Carload Night” crowd.
When the race resumed Jimmy Nier dominated the three-car chase as Blaney’s tires took a few laps to garner some heat. Duncan and Hannigan thrashed around for second with Nier in control up front. Duncan made the pass for second as Hannigan again scrubbed off some speed, allowing Blaney to climb back into the mix.
Duncan gave chase in torrid fashion, until finally putting a final slide job on Nier in turn one of the 26th circuit. Nier tried to return the favor in turn three, but couldn’t make it stick as Duncan squeezed back by Nier for good coming out of four.
Duncan held on for the emotional win. Rounding out the top ten were Duncan, Jimmy Nier, Dale Blaney, Randy Hannagan, Ron Blair, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Stinson, Aaron Higgins, Charley Fisher, and Nick Nabor. Hard Charger of the race was Charlie Fisher in a 15th-to-9th run into the top ten.
Owner Danny Smith said, “We got it (the car) close and Cole did the rest! We put together a brand new car today and this is the first time out for it.”
Cole Duncan said, “I saw the opportunity and I took it. I’d like to thank Danny and his crew for the chance to drive this car and the chance to win. This is just so cool….soooo awesome!”
At the start of the AMRA Modified main eight cars were caught up in wild first lap melee. (Mark Bailey, Donnie Stewart, Tom Blecher, P.J. Harper, Chuck Yeley, Dusty Boley, Eric Arledge, and Tim Rayburn) All continued albeit with some bent metal.
On the restart Rob Stambaugh jumped into the lead over Fireball Pinkerton. Pinkerton tried Stambaugh several times, but as a result fell victim to Luke Jordan. Two laps later Brian Whiteman took over third from Pinkerton.
That pass set off a race-long battle between Jordan, Pinkerton and Whiteman. While Stambaugh literally dominated by at least a half track, both Pinkerton and Whiteman slipped past Jordan. Pinkerton and Whiteman put on a show with Pinkerton at one point up on two wheels after contact on the backchute.
Bob Crace, Jr. advanced to fifth with a consistent run after early battles with Jeremy Rayburn, Josh Edmisten, and son-in-law Jason Cottrill.
Stambaugh went on for the win for owner Mark Betts in his Pierce Chassis/ Mike Rush M&M Heads powered #67.
Stambaugh said, “I’ve been coming here for a lot of years and we finally got a win. It feels great! We had a nice track to race on tonight and the car worked anywhere. I’d like to thank the fans. Without them this wouldn’t be possible.”
Hard Charger of the race was Dusty Boley in a 15th-to-9th run into the top ten. Rounding out the top ten were Stambaugh, Fireball Pinkerton, Brian Whiteman, Luke Jordan, Bob Crace, Jr., Jeremy Rayburn, Josh Edmisten, Jason Cottrill, Dusty Boley, and T.J. Harper.
Brandon Thompson did everything he had to except run over Jamie Adams. The youngster just couldn’t. After all Adams built his car. Thompson took second place early in the event and saw nothing but the yellow quarter panels of Adams the rest of the crash-filled feature. Adams had another great run and is now reportedly 10-of-12 this season in the K-C Hobby Stocks.
Gray recovered for a solid third place finish. The defending champion withstood constant pressure from Joe Buskirk and Brad McCown, who had one of his best runs of the season. Sam Park worked hard to get Butch Eblin, but settled for seventh while claiming hard charger honors in a 15th to 7th place run.
Rounding out the top ten were Adams, Brandon Thompson, Bruce Gray, Jr., Joe Buskirk, Brad McCown, Butch Eblin, Sam Park, Brandon Mather, Jason Holstein, and Tim Cutler.
Said Adams in victory lane, “I have a lot of people to thank and am fortunate to start up front. It sounded like a high speed demolition derby behind me. Brandon gave me a good run tonight.”
Rounding out the top ten in the Legneds cars were Tom Partin, Matt Nichols, Gary Rowland, Rob Puckett, Jacob Miller, John Gutman, Steven Partin, and Kevin Schoonover. John Lawhorn edged Mike Mason and Dan Swank in the Vintage American Race Cars feature. Other old-timers in the field included Chuck Dillon, Ed Lewber, Cliff LaJouness, Scott Swain, Mike Swain, George Oliver, and Mike Ellis.
Racing continues Saturday night September 4 for Breast Cancer Awareness Night and DARF Night, featuring the American Sprint Car Tour Sprints (ASCT Sprint Car Series/Non-Winged), NRA 360 Sprints, Mini-Sprints, and Hobby Stocks. Coming Sept. 18 is the Monster Truck show and Oct. 2 a Steel Block Invitational “Cast Iron 30” paying $1,200 to win, Chevettes/Rear Wheel Drive FourCylinders (Molar Rules), the exciting AMRA Road Warriors $1,200 to win/$150 to start, and Hobbies. For more information visit the K-C Raceway website at www.kc-raceway.com or call 740-663-4141.

The summary- August 28, 2010 K-C Raceway results.

Goodyear 410 Sprints
Fast Time- Kyle Sauder 11:914

Dash- Ron Blair, Jimmy Nier, Randy Hannagan, Cole Duncan, Jimmy Stinson, Kyle Sauder (DNS)

Heat One- Dale Blaney, Aaron Higgins, Travis Philo, Charley Fisher, Mitch Harble, Andre Layfield, Sam Ashworth, Nathan Skaggs, Aaron Fry, John Webb

Heat Two- Nick Naber, Kody Kinser, Alec Martin, Ryan Myers, Dave Dickson, Mark Imler, Rick Fraley, Lance Webb, Dallas Hewitt, Josh Davis

Heat Three- Jared Ridge, Kory Crabtree, Adam Strausser, Keith Baxter, Ed Neumeister, Spud Gustin, Jesse McCreary, Randy Fink, Brandy Bower, John Shewbrooks

B-Main: Charley Fisher, Keith Baxter, Mitch Harble, Dave Dickson, Spud Gustin, Mark Imler, Sam Ashworth, Brandy Bower, Rick Fraley, Aaron Fry, Dallas Hewitt, Randy Fink, Lance Webb, Nathan Skaggs, Jesse McCreary, John Shewbrooks, John Webb, Ryan Myers, Andre Layfield, Ed Neumeister, Josh Davis (DNS)

Feature- Cole Duncan, Jimmy Nier, Dale Blaney, Randy Hannagan, Ron Blair, Kory Crabtree, Jimmy Stinson, Aaron Higgins, Charley Fisher, Nick Nabor, Kody Kinser, Travis Philo, Adam Strausser, Jared Ridge, Dave Dickson, Mark Imler, Spud Gustin, Sam Ashworth, Mitch Harble, Keith Baxter, Alec Martin (DNS)