Hatton scores #1 at Beaver Dam

From Bryan Gapinski

Beaver Dam, Wis., Aug. 28— Scott Hatton captured the Mid-State Equipment Badger Midget Racing Series 20-lap feature Saturday Night at Beaver Dam Raceway. The victory was the first of the season for the four-time Badger Champion.

Hatton suffered engine problems leading his heat race in his primary car. Hatton used his back-up car and started in the last position (15th) in the feature. Travis Berryhill jumped into the lead at the start. Hatton moved into the top five on Lap 6. Two laps later Hatton improved to fourth place.

Mike Hess passed Courtney Erfurth for second place on Lap 9. One lap later at the midway point Berryhill held a half straightaway lead over Hess. With five laps remaining Berryhill’s lead grew to nearly six seconds, when the caution appeared for a spun car. On the restart Hess stayed on Berryhill’s rear bumper.Hess took the lead crossing the start/finish line to complete Lap 17. Entering Turn 1 the pair made slight contact, causing both to slow momentarily.Hatton running a higher groove passed both to take the lead exiting Turn 2.

Another caution with two laps remaining bunched up the field. Berryhill drew event with Hatton, when the white flag was displayed. But his last lap effort fell two-car lengths short at the finish. Hatton driving the Huston Solution owned Stealth/Mopar No. 15 finished ahead of Berryhill, Hess, Erfurth and Rich Camfield. The Badger season concludes next Saturday Sep. 4 at Beaver Dam Raceway.

20-lap Feature: 1. Scott Hatton; 2. Travis Berryhill; 3. Mike Hess; 4. Courtney Erfurth; 5.Rich Camfield; 6. Aaron Fiscus; 7. Brandon Waelti; 8. Jim Fuerst; 9. Bob Schreffler; 10. Brian Terry; 11. Eric Johnson; 12.Jason Therkelsen; 13. Cody Wisensel; 14. Dereck King; 15. Daniel Robinson.
8-lap Heat Race Winners: Hess, Berryhill.
Fast Time: Robinson, 17.063 seconds.
Cars Present: 16 Feature Lap Leaders: Berryhill 1-16, Hess 17, Hatton 18-20.

Current Badger Midget Series Point Standings: 1.Mike Hess 1113; 2. Scott Hatton 862; 3. Travis Berryhill 842; 4. Brandon Waelti 677; 5. Courtney Erfurth 676; 6. Bob Schreffler 646; 7. Davey Ray 634; 8. Daniel Robinson 531; 9. Eric Johnson 495; 10. Brian Terry 375.