Harris Wins Sprint Car Feature at Ruapuna

From Ruapuna Speedway

Kieran Harris won the sprint car feature Saturday night at Ruapuna Speedway. D.J. Raw and Andre Goldsmith followed Harris over the finish line.

The midget division ran two heat races and a dash. Phillipa Melrose won a heat and the dash while Nick Donaldson won the other heat race.

Race Results (Competitors From Christchurch Unless Stated) Modified Sprints

Ht 1. Tim George 1, Darryl Harris 2, Nathan Astle 3.

Ht 2. Jimmy Doyle 1, DJ Raw (Aust) 2, Tom Lumsden 3.

Feature. Kieran Harris 1, Raw 2, Andre Goldsmith 3.


Ht 1. Phillipa Melrose 1, Nick Donaldson 2, Steve McCallum 3.

Ht 2. Donaldson 1, Paul Quinn (Nelson) 2, McCallum 3. Dash 1. McCallum 1, Donaldson 2, Melrose 3.

Dash 2. Melrose 1, McCallum 2, Quinn 3.