Darland Wins Night 2 of “The Rumble”

From Ron Ware, Photo by Kevin Lillard, Darland passes Stanbrough for win

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Car owner Rick Daugherty saw a probable 1-2 finish vanish just five laps from the checkered flag, but that couldn’t burst his bubble.

“This is a contact sport,” a grinning Daugherty said after Dave Darland banged his way past teammate Jon Stanbrough to capture Saturday’s midget race that capped the final night of the 13th annual “Rumble in Fort Wayne.”

“That’s what I love about indoor racing. It’s kind of exciting.”

After hounding his teammate for several laps, Darland got a run coming off turn two, then bolted to the inside as they reached turn three on the racy, 1/6-mile concrete track in the Memorial Coliseum Expo Center. Darland nosed ahead and the cars touched, with Stanbrough spinning to a halt and Darland speeding away.

Darland held off fast qualifier David Gough by 2½ car-lengths following the restart, giving him his second career Fort Wayne victory and 10th top-three finish in 17 career starts. Derek Bischak of nearby Angola, Ind., settled for third after leading nearly half of the 60 laps. Adam Wilsdon, a 15-year-old who’s headed back to high school, and Jim Anderson, who won here on Friday, rounded out the top five. Stanbrough, who did not restart, settled for eighth.

In the pit area afterward, Darland greeted a long line of well-wishers as Stanbrough stewed a few feet away.

“My car was just real good, and his car was just too tight,” the 44-year-old Darland said. “I got into him. I gave him as much room as I could. He just came down into me.

“It’s bad when that happens with teammates. Indoor racing has a lot of contact. I’m sure there are a lot of people not happy with me tonight.”
Stanbrough couldn’t hide his disappointment but minced his words.

“My car was starting to pick up a push a little bit,” he admitted. “I just didn’t get it through the corner as good as I was earlier in the race.

“I don’t know,” he said, pausing. “What is it to say? It’s disappointing the way it happened. That’s two nights in a row (that an accident took him out).”

Daugherty, who operates a Peterbilt dealership in Findlay, Ohio, called it “just a racin’ deal” after collecting his third Rumble Series victory as an owner – and first at history-steeped Fort Wayne.

“Jon sort of opened the door for Dave,” he said. “His car got a little tight.”

Bischak, who started from the pole, set a torrid pace until tangling with Billy Wease as he tried to lap him on lap 28. That put Stanbrough in front, but Darland took over second on lap 46 when Cory Setser of Fort Wayne clipped a tire barrier in turn four, then mounted his charge. Within five laps, he was on Stanbrough’s tail, testing him outside, then inside. He got a run when Stanbrough went high in turn two, setting up the drama one turn later.

Ryan Smith won the accompanying winged outlaw modified feature, leading all 40 laps in beating John Ivy and Larry Joe Sroufe for his second victory here in two years. Kris Knox emerged as winner of the Rumble Series’ unique indoor-outdoor championship for the 600cc cars, which opened with two races on dirt at Miami County Speedway in Peru, Ind.

Brett Bieber won the Slingshot by Tobias feature, while Zach Axlen in karts and Cason Konzer in quarter midgets doubled for the second straight day. Matt Dimit, Robbie Sarchet, Charlie Schultz, Colton Adams and John Hawley also posted kart victories. Austin Nemire, Bud McCune and Cole Hentschel won in quarter midgets.

MIDGETS (National/Ford Focus/Kenyon)

Qualifications – 1. David Gough, 11, A&G, 7.709 seconds; 2. Jon Stanbrough, 7, Daugherty, 7.732; 3. Bobby Santos III, 98, Burrow, 7.789; 4. Billy Wease, 99, Burrow, 7.831; 5. Derek Bischak, 31, Bischak, 7.844; 6. Kyle Hamilton, 33, 7.871; 7. Adam Wilsdon, 3, Barnett, 7.922; 8. Cory Setser, 56, Setser, 7.996; 9. Bryan Nuckles, 59, Nuckles, 8.077; 11. Tim Jedrzejek, 8up, Williams, 8.128; 12. Nick Hamilton, 33h, 8.132; 13. Dave Darland, 0, Daughery, 8.153; 14. Geoff Kaiser, 10, Moore, 8.169; 15. Matt Westfall, 19, Ryder, 8.178; 16. Zach Daum, 41, Sexton, 8.180; 17. Rich Corson, 15, Corson, 8.215; 18. Aaron Pierce, 49, Burrow, 8.253; 19. Jim “Timex” Morgan, 2, Afterhours Imaging, 8.262; 20. Joe Liguori, 6rr, Liguori, 8.316; 21. Dan Dunigan Jr., 19d, Dunigan, 8.329; 22. Steve Irwin, 0s, Flying Zero, 8.345; 23. Steven Intravaia, 00, Quinones, 8.452; 24. Ronnie McLean, 67, McLean, 8.460; 25. Taylor Lynn Ferns, 55, Motor City Motorsports, 8.479; 26. Grant Galloway, 84, Grant, 8.506; 27. Jason Dull, 56x, Dull, 8.512; 28. David Fuhrman, 32, Fuhrman, 8.534; 29. Will Wilson, 61, Kenyon, 8.652; 30. Tony Elliott, 5, Williams, 8.653; 31. Kent Christian, 8p, Prather, 8.919; 32. Ronnie Wuerdeman, 33x, Wuerdeman, 8.922; 33. Joey Burrow, 92, Burrow, 9.027; 34. Chris deRitis, 66, deRitis, 9.990; 35. Brandon Knupp, 78k, Knupp, NT.
First heat (10 laps) – Bischak, Darland, Gough, Corson, Ferns, Nuckles, Dunigan Jr., Burrow, Wilson.
Second heat (10 laps) – Stanbrough, Anderson, Kaiser, Galloway, Elliott, Pierce, Irwin, deRitis.
Third heat (10 laps) – Tim Jedrzejek, Santos III, Wilsdon, Morgan, Intravaia, Christian, Dull, Knupp, Westfall.
Fourth heat (10 laps) – Setser, N. Hamilton, Wease, Liguori, McLean, Fuhrman, Wuerdeman, Daum.
First semi-feature (12 laps) – Gough, Morgan, Pierce, deRitis, Elliott, Intravaia, Galloway, Burrow, Nuckles.
Second semi-feature (12 laps) – Wease, Kaiser, Ligouri, Westfall, McLean, Knupp, Dull, Christian, Irwin.
Third semi-feature (12 laps) – Wilsdon, Corson, Ferns, K. Hamilton, Daum, Fuhrman, Wilson, Wuerdeman, Dunigan Jr.
Feature (60 laps) – 1. Dave Darland; 2. David Gough; 3. Derek Bischak; 4. Adam Wilsdon; 5. Jim Anderson; 6. Geoff Kaiser; 7. Nick Hamilton; 8. Jon Stanbrough; 9. Cory Setser; 10. Billy Wease; 11. Bobby Santos III; 12. Tim Jedrzejek; 13. Rich Corson; 14. Jim “Timex” Morgan. Lap leaders: Bischak 1-27, Stanbrough 28-55, Darland 56-60.


Qualifications – 1. Matt Janisch, 14j, 7.941 seconds; 2. Paul Lotier Jr., 20L, 8.177; 3. Dan Dunigan Jr., 19d, 8.231; 4. Chris Miller, 20m, 8.272; 5. Larry Joe Sroufe, 21s, 8.277; 6. Chris Stockham, 44, 8.279; 7. Kris Knox, 92, 8.309; 8. John Ivy, 02, 8.309; 9. Cap Henry, 04, 8.334; 10. Ryan Smith, 22, 8.353; 11. Danny Shirey, 16, 8.464; 12. Jason Ormsby, 51, 8.466; 13. Brad Lamberson, 27b, 8.512; 14. Tyler Ross, 3t, 8.522; 15. Amanda Quinones, 00, 8.561; 16. Ben Taylor, 19t, 8.567; 17. Tyler Underwood, 7, 8.579; 18. Howard McCormick, 26m, 8.617; 19. A.J. Lesiecki, 14L, 8.626; 20. Bill Dunham, 84, 8.653; 21. Michael Kettnich, 19k, 8.695; 22. Russ Belt, 28B, 8.776; 23. Mark Zumbrun, 35z, 8.854; 24. Zac Taylor, 18, 8.942; 25. Richard Smith, 12s, 8.974; 26. Tyler Gunn, 68g, 8.980; 27. Ryan Nawrocki, 5, 9.145; 28. Ben Quinones, 007, 9.158; 29. Clay Sanders, 21c, 9.215; 30. Dax Kendall, 28k, 9.269; 31. Jared Lamberson, 27j, 9.526; 32. Jake Wachtman, 12w, 9.861; 33. Chris Malaterre, 79, 13.893.
First heat (8 laps) – B. Lamberson, Sroufe, Ri. Smith, Kettnich, Sanders, Malaterre, Janisch, Henry.
Second heat (8 laps) – Ry. Smith, Ross, Stockham, McCormick, Lotier Jr., Belt, Gunn, Kendall.
Third heat (8 laps) – Dunigan Jr., A. Quinones, Knox, Lesiecki, Zumbrun, J. Lamberson, Nawrocki, Shirey.
Fourth heat (8 laps) – B. Taylor, Ormsby, Ivy, Miller, Dunham, Z. Taylor, B. Quinones, Wachtman.
First semi-feature (8 laps) – Janisch, Lesiecki, Zumbrun, Shirey, Malaterre, Kettnich, Underwood, Henry, Sanders.
Second semi-feature (8 laps) – McCormick, Lotier Jr., Miller, Belt, Dunham, Kendall, B. Quinones, Gunn, Z. Taylor.
Feature (40 laps) – 1. Ryan Smith; 2. John Ivy; 3. Larry Joe Sroufe; 4. Dan Dunigan Jr.; 5. Brad Lamberson; 6. Amanda Quinones; 7. Matt Janisch; 8. Kris Knox; 9. Chris Stockham; 10. A.J. Lesiecki; 11. Tyler Ross; 12. Ben Taylor; 13. Paul Lotier Jr.; 14. Howard McCormick; 15. Jason Ormsby; 16. Richard Smith. Lap leaders: Ry. Smith 1-40.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Matt Dimit, Damen Bock, Ben Burden, Charlie Schultz, Dustin Hammond, Erik Wolleson, Bryan Doehr, Lloya Parrish.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) — Mike Villena, A.J. Spangnuolo, Ty Tilton, Jay Portman, Bryan Gumbert, Nick Welch, Kyle Mills, Kyle Flores, Mike Hayes.
First heat, round two (8 laps) Bock, Dimit, Burden, Hammond, Wolleson, Parrish, Doehr.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Villena, Spangnuolo, Tilton, Portman, Welch, Gumbert, Flores, Hayes, Mills.
Semi-feature (8 laps) – Schultz, Portman, Hammond, Parrish, Wolleson, Gumbert, Flores.
Feature (20 laps) – 1. Matt Dimit; 2. A.J. Spangnuolo; 3. Charlie Shultz; 4. Mike Villena; 5. Ty Tilton; 6. Lloya Parrish; 7. Dustin Hammond; 8. Bryan Gumbert; 9. Jay Portman; 10. Erik Wolleson; 11. Damen Bock; 12. Ben Burden.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Zach Axlen, Justin Sondergroth, Ryan Moran, Matt Dimit, A.J. Spangnuolo, Mark Sitton, Phillip Bauman, Nick Nelson.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) — Brandon Dunn, Preston Oberle, Nick Bowers, Zack Wolfe, Dustin Ingle, Casey Povelones, Kent Kahlig, Brandon Schnittke, Cameron Deckard.
Third heat, round one (8 laps) — Phil Schneider, Alleca Kerker, Robbie Sarchet, Brandon Askren, Jake Shelley, John Paynter Jr., Cody Egan, Andrew Devreese.
Fourth heat, round one (8 laps) — Josh McKnight, Nick Higdon, Brad Bowers, Kevin Wall Jr., Adam Unverferth, Jesse Railsback, Joe Gillespie, Austin Long.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Sondergroth, Axlen, Chris Weyer, Moran, Sitton, Spangnuolo, Bauman, Dimit.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Bowers, Dunn, Povelones, Oberle, Wolfe, Deckard, Kahlig, Schnittke.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Schneider, Kerker, Sarchet, Askren, Egan, Paynter, Jr., Shelley, Devreese.
Fourth heat, round two (8 laps) — Wall Jr., McKnight, Unverferth, Bowers, Higdon, Long, Railsback, Gillespie.
First semi-feature (8 laps) – N. Bowers, B. Bowers, Shelley, Wolfe, Sarchet, Kahlig, Spangnuolo.
Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Long, Askren, Higdon, Deckard, Wall Jr., Povelones, Dimit.
Third semi-feature (8 laps) – Oberle, Paynter Jr., Weyer, Moran, Unverferth, Sitton, Ingle, Devreese.
Feature (20 laps) – 1. Zach Axlen; 2. Brandon Dunn; 3. Phil Schneider; 4. Brandon Askren; 5. Brad Bowers; 6. Robbie Sarchet; 7. Preston Oberle; 8. Alleca Kerker; 9. Justin Sondergroth; 10. Josh McKnight; 11. John Paynter Jr.; 12. Austin Long.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Chris Weyer, Cody Egan, Kevin Wall Jr., Brad Bowers, Jake Shelley, John Paynter Jr., Ryan Moran, Nick Higdon.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Alleca Kerker, Phil Schneider, Robbie Sarchet, Preston Oberle, Brandon Askren, Zack Myers, Ricky Urbach.
Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Zach Axlen, Brandon Dunn, Adam Unverferth, Kent Kahlig, Blake Adams, Mike Markle, Jason Brown.
Fourth heat, round one (8 laps) – Zack Wolff, Cameron Deckard, Nick Bowers, Justin Sondergroth, Casey Povelones, Matt Randall, John H. Miller, Austin Long.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Higdon, B. Bowers, Paynter Jr., Weyer, Wall Jr., Moran, Egan, Shelley.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Schneider, Sarchet, Kerker, Oberle, Myers, Askren, Urbach, Max Stambaugh.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Dunn, Axlen, Markle, Unverferth, Adams, Kahlig, Brown.
Fourth heat, round two (8 laps) – Wolff, Povelones, N. Bowers, Randall, Deckard, Austin Long, Miller, Sondergroth.
First semi-feature (8 laps) – Sarchet, Unverferth, Adams, Myers, Brown, Shelley.
Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Long, B. Bowers, Randall, Deckard, Miller.
Third semi-feature (8 laps) – Kahlig, Sondergroth, Moran, Wall, Jr., Markle, Urbach, N. Bowers.
Feature (20 laps) – 1. Zach Axlen; 2. Brandon Dunn; 3. Chris Weyer; 4. Alleca Kerker; 5. Zack Wolff; 6. Adam Unverferth; 7. Justin Sondergroth; 8. Kent Kahlig; 9. Phil Schneider; 10. Robbie Sarchet; 11. Brad Bowers; 12. Austin Long.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Kyle Henry, Jeremy Howe, Mikael Hinton, Mihkaya Best, Jason Dietsch, Eddie Potter, Marie McKnight, Damen Bock.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Josh McKnight, A.J. Roderick, Max Stambaugh, Levi Mansfield, Matt Hall, Craig Strayer, Brandon Schnittke.
Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Robbie Sarchet, Nick Bowers, Sam Longanbach, Ron Vandermeir, Michael Ernsberger, Mike Villena, John Ventrello, Brandon Askren.
Fourth heat, round one (8 laps) – Chris Neuenschwander, Breanna Deckard, Sara Zimmerman, Nick Keller, Tom Wetmore, Ricky Dukes, Ed Potter, Corey Saylor.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Howe, Hinton, M. McKnight, Dietsch, Bock, Henry, Best.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Roderick, J. McKnight, Stambaugh, Nathan Kelley, Mansfield, Schnittke, Hall, Strayer.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) – Longanbach, Sarchet, Bowers, Vandermeir, Ernsberger, Ventrello, Chad Orth, Villena, Askren.
Fourth heat, round two (8 laps) – Saylor, Deckard, Wetmore, Neuenschwander, Zimmerman, Dukes, Keller, Ed Potter.
First semi-feature (8 laps) – Neuenschwander, Zimmerman, Stambaugh, Nathan Kelley, Mansfield, Schnittke, Hall, Ernsberger.
Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Bowers, Wetmore, Saylor, Henry, Bock, Best, Dukes.
Third semi-feature (8 laps) – Brandon Dunn, Vandermeir, Hinton, Dietsch, M. McKnight, Ventrello, Nick Keller, Villena.
Feature (20 laps) – 1. Robbie Sarchet; 2. Josh McKnight; 3. Sam Longanbach; 4. Jake Shelley; 5. AJ Roderick; 6. Breanna Deckard; 7. Sara Zimmerman; 8. Chad Orth; 9. Chris Neuenschwander; 10. Ron Vandermeir; 11. Tom Wetmore; 12. Jeremy Howe.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – John Plotner, Nate Randall, Sam Weaver, Derek Lilly, Collin Perry, Ryan Cypher.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Colton Adams, Zack Loe, Ben Knight, Derek Hammond, Blake Lamb, Joshua Spindelman, Joshua Davis.
First heat, round two (8 laps) –Lilly, Randall, Plotner, Weaver, Cypher, Perry, Josh Talaski.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Knight, Adams, Loe, Davis, Hammond, Lamb, Spindelman.
Feature (20 laps) – 1. Colton Adams; 2. Zack Loe; 3. Joshua Davis; 4. Nate Randall; 5. Derek Lilly; 6. John Plotner; 7. Sam Weaver; 8. Ben Knight; 9. Ryan Cypher; 10. Collin Perry; 11. Blake Lamb; 12. Derek Hammond.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Bradley Brown, Dylan Schroyer, Ryan Ball, Griffin Hisle, Kyle Dager, Kiley Burris, Dominic Phillips.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – John Hawley, Cole Roberson, Nick Potter, Tyler Street, Bailey Schejbal, Stratton Briggs, Kelsey Ivers.
First heat, round two (8 laps) –Brown, Ball, Schroyer, Hisle, Burris, Dager, Phillips.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) –Roberson, Ivers, Briggs, Hawley, Street, Schejbal, Potter.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. John Hawley; 2. Stratton Briggs; 3. Kelsey Ivers; 4. Ryan Ball; 5. Cole Roberson; 6. Dylan Schroyer; 7. Nick Potter; 8. Griffin Hisle; 9. Bailey Schejbal; 10. Bradley Brown; 11. Dominic Phillips; 12. Tyler Street; 13. Kyle Dager; 14. Kiley Burris.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Charlie Schultz, Brian Barnett, Bryan Cataldi, Tyler Deschaine, Todd Squires, Jordyn Lorencz, Nathan Fair, Matt Riehm, Joe Barker.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) — Lucas Chaudoin, Tyler Kelley, Damen Bock, Andy Nock, Matt Randall, Tim Ice, Kurtis Gilford, Steven Arens, Matt Browning.
Third heat, round one (8 laps) – Josh McKnight, Kyle DeKnight, Steve Burkholder, Brayden Speakman, Chad Poorman, Joe Ackerman, Joshua Davis, Brock Anderson.
First heat, round two (8 laps) –Shultz, Barker, Deschaine, Barnett, Lorencz, Riehm, Fair, Cataldi, Squires.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) — Chaudoin, Ice, Nock, Bock, Arens, Kelley, Browning, Gilford, Randall.
Third heat, round two (8 laps) — McKnight, DeKnight, Davis, Poorman, Burkholder, Ackerman, Speakman, Anderson.
First semi-feature (8 laps) — Ice, Deschaine, Burkholder, Randall, Davis, Ackerman, Fair, Lorencz, Anderson.
Second semi-feature (8 laps) – Bock, Barker, Kelley, Arens, Cataldi, Poorman, Browning, Riehm, Squires, Speakman.
Feature (20 laps) – 1. Charlie Schultz; 2. Andy Nock; 3. Tyler Kelley; 4. Lucas Chaudoin; 5. Damen Bock; 6. Joe Barker; 7. Kyle DeKnight; 8. Brian Barnett; 9. Josh McKnight; 10. Steve Burkholder; 11. Tyler Deschaine; 12. Tim Ice.


Heat (8 laps) – Cason Konzer, Richie Streicher, Aaron Leffel, Noah Gallandt, Mandy Andrews, Austin Kendall, Myles Chandles, Jonathon Lesiecki, Devin Harris, Dustin Anderson.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Cason Konzer; 2. Aaron Leffel; 3. Richie Streicher; 4. Noah Gallandt; 5. Austin Kendall; 6. Jonathon Lesiecki; 7. Myles Chandler; 8. Dustin Anderson; 9. Mandy Andrews.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Griffin Brown, Wesley Sargent, Cole Hentschel, Austin Nigh.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) — Hayden Dickerson, Austin Nemire, Brandon Sweitzer, Bennett Lushin, Mox Price.
First heat, round two (8 laps) – Brown, Sargent, Hentschel, Nigh.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) — Nemire, Lushin, Sweitzer, Dickerson.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Austin Nemire; 2. Griffin Brown; 3. Hayden Dickerson; 4. Bennett Lushin; 5. Austin Nigh; 6. Brandon Schweitzer; 7. Wesley Sargent; 8. Cole Hentschel; 9. Joshua Lank; 10. Mox Price.


Heat, round one (8 laps) – Matt Taylor, Chase Brandon, Jonathon Lesiecki, Bud McCune, Austin Kendall, Starla Parsons, Myles Chandler.
Heat, round two (8 laps) – Parsons, Brandon, McCune, Taylor, Kendall, Lesiecki, Devin Harris, Chandler.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Bud McCune; 2. Jonathon Lesiecki; 3. Matt Taylor; 4. Starla Parsons; 5. Austin Kendall; 6. Chase Brandon; 7. Myles Chandler; 8. Devin Harris.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Hayden Dickerson, Mox Price, Garrett Weil, Brandon Sweitzer, Dustin Anderson, Starla Parsons, Wesley Sargent, Clayton Gaines.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Cason Konzer, Austin Nemire, Aaron Leffel, Bennett Lushin, Daylan Karnes, Jhett Walker, Adam Walker.
First heat, round two (8 laps) –Dickerson, Sargent, Anderson, Parsons, Weil, Sweitzer.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) –Leffel, Nemire, Konzer, Lushin, Walker, Walker, Karnes.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Cason Konzer; 2. Wesley Sargent; 3. Hayden Dickerson; 4. Brandon Sweitzer; 5. Austin Nemire; 6. Jhett Walker; 7. Adam Walker; 8. Starla Parsons; 9. Bennett Lushin; 10. Daylan Karnes; 11. Mox Price; 12. Garrett Weil; 13. Dustin Anderson; 14. Aaron Leffel; 15. Clayton Gaines.


First heat, round one (8 laps) – Jared Leffel, Cole Hentschel, Austin Nigh, Race Price, Joshua Lank, Jhadyn Walker, Addison Lushin.
Second heat, round one (8 laps) – Zeb Wise, Caden Hoyt, Blaise Baker, Richard Johnson, Isaiah Sweitzer, Madyson Smith.
First heat, round two (8 laps) –Nigh, Hentschel, Price, Lank, Walker, Leffel.
Second heat, round two (8 laps) – Johnson, Hoyt, Baker, Wise, Sweitzer, Smith.
Feature (15 laps) – 1. Cole Hentschel; 2. Zeb Wise; 3. Austin Nigh; 4. Caden Hoyt; 5. Race Price; 6. Richard Johnson; 7. Jared Leffel; 8. Blaise Baker; 9. Addison Lushin; 10. Jhadyn Walker; 11. Madyson Smith; 12. Joshua Lank; 13. Isaiah Sweitzer.