IRA and MSA Snowed In at Dodge County

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From IRA

Mother Nature goes 2 for 2, winning back to back weekends. As for the second consecutive week wet and cold conditions have beaten up on the Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series at the Dodge County Fairgrounds. Snow yesterday with cold temps and more rain forecasted for Friday has forced track and IRA officials to cancel the April 23rd event. Weather has halted any race action in Wisconsin thus far, as it’s unseasonably cold and wet, even for April in Wisconsin. Conditions are too wet for track prep crews to even get on the tracks to work them. IRA is now scheduled to open at Beaver Dam’s other track, the Beaver Dam Raceway on Saturday April 30th. All Wisconsin facilities are desperate for some consecutive days of sun, something this year has NOT provided to date.

IRA is presented by Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts with additional support coming from Goodyear, Osborn & Son Trucking, TW Metals, Cummins Onan, DNA Energy Drinks & Snacks, Carriage Auto Body, MPT Industries, UltraLube, Big Game Treestands, and Polaris DEFENSE.

Stay tuned for updated info and potential location changes to the schedule. Every effort will be made to get the season underway, and to find a location for a pre-opening night practice. We’re hopeful things can dry out enough that we can have one at Beaver Dam Raceway Friday night, the night prior to our April 30th show….. however at this point who knows if the snow will be off the track by then.