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Jake Blackhurst Wins IRA Feature at Wilmot Raceway

Interstate Racing Association Wilmot Raceway Wilmot, WI Saturday August 18, 2018 A-Main: 1. 25-Jake Blackhurst, [1]; 2. 7TW-Brandon Wimmer, [8]; 3. 10V-Matt VandeVere, [11]; 4. 85M-Steve Meyer, [4]; 5. 17B-Bill Balog, [9]; 6. 19-Todd Daun, […]

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Blackhurst and Cummins Win at Wilmot

Jake Blackhurst of Hanna City, Illinois added his name to the prestigious Interstate Racing Association (IRA) Founders Trophy with his first win at Wilmot Raceway on Saturday, August 4. […]

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Blackhurst Wins IRA Feture at Langlade County Speedway

Bumper to Bumper Auto Value Super Sprints Langlade County Speedway Antigo, WI Friday July 27, 2018 Qualifications: 1. 17B-Bill Balog, 17.433[14]; 2. 25-Jake Blackhurst, 17.493[20]; 3. 22-Todd King, 17.553[21]; 4. 2W-Scott Neitzel, 17.636[1]; 5. 5J-Jeremy […]

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Blackhurst Wins IRA Feature at Dodge County

Jake Blackhurst avoids trouble with Bill Balog and went on to dominates the field and win his first career IRA feature at the 2nd annual Harry Neitzel Tribute on the Dodge County Fairgrounds. […]