Smith takes Midwest All Star Series Win!

Midwest All Star Series

By Brian Liskai

– Danny Smith may end up
in medical journals. The Indiana native who now calls Chillicothe, Ohio
home, hurt his back last June in a violent sprint car crash and spent the
rest of the summer and all winter recuperating from surgery under the care
of his wife, Stephanie. Smith sent notice this weekend that he will once
again be a force to be reckoned with, winning both races he competed in –
Friday at Attica Raceway Park, and Saturday at “The Classic” at KC Raceway.

“A little less than a year ago… June 18 I was laying in the hospital with
a broken back, wondering what I was gonna do in the future and wondering if
I would ever drive again. Fans from all over pitched in and helped me out
with money and prayers. This race is for all of you. I appreciate it and
dedicate this win to you,” said Smith to the huge, adoring crowd.

The first race of the year for the O’Reilly Auto Parts Midwest All Star
Sprint Series was forth $3,000 for Smith.

In the third annual 40-lap $4,000-to-win “Classic” for the O’Reilly Auto
Parts All Star Late Models, the Salt Rock Express, Eddie Carrier Jr. (Salt
Rock, W. Va.) blitzed the field for the victory.

“I drew that eight (pill) and thought ‘oh no…my job just got harder.’ We’ve
had some bad luck lately, so maybe this will turn it around. We will just
keep a diggin’ and working harder and see what happens. It’s good to be
here in victory lane,” said an elated Carrier who has had a series of
double-digit wins over the past eight years at KC Raceway.

“I’d like to thank Grover Motorsports and Engines Inc. and my Dad. He and I
were THE crew tonight and Dad worked really hard to help get us here,”
added Carrier.

The evening began when Donnie Moran came with thirteen-hundredths of Jackie
Boggs’ 10-year-old track record during qualifications. Numerous other cars
timed in the mid 13 second bracket as the cool afternoon locked down
moisture early on the fast 3/8 mile speed plant.

Pinconning, Michigan’s Jeep VanWormer led the late model field to the green
with former World 100 winner Matt Miller to his outside. VanWormer blasted
into the lead ahead of Miller and Zach Dohm, however, “Insane Duane”
Chamberlain grabbed everyone’s attention with his high-flying machine as he
grabbed second on lap six. Eighth place starter Carrier quickly stormed up
to fourth.

A caution for Josh McGuire on lap eight bunched up the field for the
Delaware-style restart. This allowed Carrier to storm into third. Meanwhile
Mark Frazier, Jason Montgomery, and R.J. Conley battled hard for fifth

VanWormer caught lapped traffic by the 16th circuit as Chamberlain and
Carrier continued their tremendous battle for second.

VanWormer’s run at the top would end on lap 17. During a caution for a
stalled Chad Smith, the leader exited the speedway with mechanical
problems, handing the lead to Richmond, Indiana’s Chamberlain.

But, Chamberlain’s lead wouldn’t last long. On the restart, Carrier won the
drag race into the first corner to take the lead while Jason Montgomery
leap-frogged two spots into fourth.

R.J. Conley, Mark Frazier, and Boom Briggs came together on lap 20, sending
Frazier helplessly down the front chute backwards. The rest of the field
continued in evasive fashion setting up the third restart.

Chamberlain suffered a flat during caution and did not return.

Montgomery stalked Carrier as they worked through traffic, allowing R.J.
Conley to close with four laps to go. At the 37 lap mark Montgomery drove
to within three car lengths, but Carrier’s Ford had just a little too much
punch to claim the win over Montgomery who won the last All Star feature at
K-C in the Halloween 50 in October.

R.J. Conley, Rod Conley and Matt Miley would round out the top five.

Millersburg, Ohio’s Rob Chaney would take the lead at the drop of the green
in the 30-lap sprint feature with Kyle Sauder in tow. Sauder and fifth
place starter Danny Smith would engage in a torrid side-by-side battle for
the runner-up spot over the next 10 laps.

Chaney, aboard the Bryan Grove owned machine, would set a blistering pace,
encountering lapped traffic by the sixth circuit.

By the half-way mark, Smith would finally bag second just as Sheldon
Haudenschild jumped the cushion and flipped hard off turn three. “Little
Haud” was okay, but the crash inspired dad Jac, who would challenge the
rest of the way for the win.

A lap and a caution for a Todd Kane spin would once again bunch up the
field with Chaney leading Smith, Jac Haudenschild and Greg Wilson. On the
restart, it was time for Smith to take command as the 54-year-old vaulted
into the lead.

Smith, who owns 30 career All Star Circuit of Champion wins and 10 World of
Outlaw victories, would pull away for the victory. Chaney, Jac
Haudenschild, Wilson, and Jared Ridge would round out the top five.

K-C Raceway 4/30/2011 Classic Weekend

Midwest All-Star 410 Sprint Cars


# Driver Pill Draw Time

45 Rob Chaney 13 11.492

7K Kyle Sauder 32 11.553

93 Sheldon Haudenschild 61 11.561

35 Ron Blair 3 11.619

12 Jared Ridge 41 11.628

80 Hud Horton 10 11.651

7 Glen Lons 22 11.680

6 Jac Haudenschild 6 11.692

11D Bryce Dickson 4 11.712

4 Danny Smith 55 11.712

00 Jimmy Nier 7 11.735

5T Travis Philo 33 11.740

28 Todd Kane 57 11.810

20w Greg Wilson 59 11.848

22 Cole Duncan 69 11.917

6X Nick Nabor 38 12.010

11n Ed Neumeister 47 12.020

22d Josh Davis 52 12.107

15H Mitch Harble 28 12.510

06 Brandy Bower 17 12.611

9j Jesse McCreary 40 12.835

91 Aaron Middaugh 60 12.917

2 Nathan Skaggs 54 13.078

41 Randy Fink 29 13.088

12 Nick Forcum 20 13.569

35 Wes McGlumphy 5 13.864

A79 John Shewbrooks 42 14.428

5H Jordon Harble 73 14.834

41L Jeb Lowder 11 15.927

4X Jimmy Stinson 14 NT

Dash: Rob Chaney, Kyle Sauder, Jared Ridge, Sheldon Haudenschild, Hud
Horton, Ronnie Blair

Heat One: Danny Smith, Mike Long, Rob Chaney, Ron Blair, Todd Kane, Aaron
Middaugh, Nick Forcum,Jordan Harble, Nick Naber (flip)

Heat Two: Jared Ridge, Jac Haudenschild, Greg Wilson, Kyle Sauder, Ed
Neumeister, Brandy Bower, Nathan Skaggs, Wes McGlumphy, Jeb Lawder, Jimmy
Nier DNS

Heat Three: Travis Philo, Cole Duncan, Bryce Dickson, Sheldon Haudenschild,
Hud Horton, Jesse McCreary, Randy Fink, John Shewbrooks, Josh Davis (Flip),
Jimmy Stinson DNS

B-Main: Mitchel Harble, Brandi Bower, Jimmy Stinson, Wes McGlumphy, Nathan
Skaggs, Aaron Middaugh, Randy Fink, John Shewbrooks, Jess McCreary (flip)
Nick Forcum, Jordan Harble, Jeb Lowder, Josh Davis DNS, Nick Naber DNS,
Jimmy Nier DNS

Feature: Danny Smith, Rob Chaney, Jac Haudenshcild, Greg Wilson, Jared
Ridge, Kyle Sauder, Ron Blair, Mike Long, Travis Philo, Bryce Dickson, Todd
Kane, Wes McGlumphey, Hud Horton, Jimmy Stinson, Brandy Bower, Cole Duncan,
Mitch Harble, Sheldon Haudenschild, Nathan Skaggs, Ed Neumeister