Little Goes Big Time at Trail-Way

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From Trail-Way Speedway

Hanover, PA (04/29/11) –With just 13 races between the two of them, Hanover’s Trevor Little and Westminster, Maryland’s J.B. Cunningham, Jr. had a lot of pressure on them starting on the front row of Friday’s 25-lap “358” sprint car feature at Trail-Way Speedway.

And the pressure built when the big fish pulled onto their back bumpers on the final caution of the race with 10 laps to go.

But both were up to the challenge, with 18-year-old Little holding off J.B Cunningham over the entire 25 laps to score his first career win.

“I wanted to run this bottom but I couldn’t stay there,” said Little after climbing from his Little’s Cycle #20 in victory lane, “I saw J.B. coming on the inside a couple of times, and a couple of times I got too high, but the cushion brought me back.”

Little, a former go-cart driver who was racing for only the tenth time, started on the pole and led every lap.

Cunningham, out of the Trail-Way micro-sprint division racing only his third race, was scored second every lap, despite heavy pressure from Billy Dietrich, 12th-staring Tim Wagaman, and 10th-starting Cris Eash over the last ten laps.

Sixth through tenth were Keith Prutzman, Dale Hammaker, Joe Trone, Jr., Mike Duncan, Jr., and Arron Spahr, who came from the back after being involved in a three-car crash that took out Jeff Rohrbaugh and opening night winner Steve Owings on turn two of the original start.

Heat winners for the 16 “358” sprinters on hand were won by Prutzman and Little.

358 Sprint Car Results

$1200 to win

Feature (25 Laps)

1. 20-Trevor Little; 2. 7C-J. B. Cunningham Jr; 3. 8-Bill Dietrich; 4. 1-Tim Wagaman II; 5. 10W-Brian Bruckner; 6. 28-Keith Prutzman; 7. 66-Dale Hammaker; 8. 99-Joe Trone Jr; 9. 11D-Mike Duncan Jr; 10. 16-Arron Spahr; 11. 18J-Jessie Morrison; 12. 10-Zach Euculano; 13. 83-Joey Allen; 14. 64-Randy Whisler; 15. 45-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 16. 35-Steve Owings. No Time.

Lap Leaders- Trevor Little (1-25)

Heat 1 (10 Laps/All to Qualify)

1. 28-Keith Prutzman; 2. 10W-Cris Eash; 3. 11D-Mike Duncan Jr; 4. 18J-Jessie Morrison; 5. 7C-Jason Cunningham Jr; 6. 83-Joey Allen; 7. 16-Arron Spahr.; 8. 64-Randy Whisler. No Time.

Heat 2 (10 Laps/All to Qualify)

1. 20- Trevor Little; 2. 8-Bill Dietrich; 3. 45-Jeff Rohrbaugh; 4. 1-Tim Wagaman II; 5. 10-Zach Euculano; 6. 66-Dale Hammaker; 7. 99-Joe Trone Jr; 10.35- Steve Owings. No Time.