Spartan Sprints Fall to Rain During Feature

From MudclodBob

Spartan Speedway officials tried their best to rush the sprint car feature to the checkers but the rain would not hold off another minute after 8 laps into the main event.

Ominous clouds began rapidly rolling in just before the first sprint car heat took to the track Friday. Former modified driver Gary Sherman won the initial heat race over Curt Schumaker and Steve Smith following.

Heat #2 lined up next and at the conclusion of lap one, it looked as someone made contact with the Daggett #8 driven by Ryan Davis and he spun in turn one, leaving the #35 of Gavin Hunyady nowhere to go, making heavy contact with Davis. Both cars were finished for the night. Tommy Fedewa went on to win the heat with Chris Hettinger and Doug Dietsch.

With rain inevitable, officials urged the drivers from heat #2 to get lined up for their feature next, just as the wind kicked up and sprinkles fell.

Chris Hettinger and Gary Sherman lined up on the front row with Sherman shooting to the lead. At five laps Sherman led Hettinger and a closing Taylor Ferns. Lap 8 saw Ferns getting under Sherman in turn 2, but getting too low in the loose stuff and spinning. As the line up was being set the sky opened up putting an end to the racing.

16 Cars were in the pits tonight.

#17 Jim Heeney
71 Steve Smith
10 Davey Brown
69 Tracy Rice
8 Ryan Davis
3a Mike Astrauskas
4 Tyler Underwood
55 Taylor Ferns
23 Matt Kinzinger
0 Doug Dietsch
42t Tommy Fedewa
42g Curt Schumaker
35h Chris Hettinger
35k Gavin Hunyady
37 Gary Sherman
99 Kyle Feeney