Rains hits Fremont before All Star mains…double features Sunday


From Brian Liskai

FREMONT, Ohio – Rains hit at Fremont Speedway Saturday after heat race action for the O’Reilly Auto Parts All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars. The dash, B-main and A-main will be run along with a complete All Star program on Sunday, May 29 at Fremont Speedway.

Already in the first feature after finishing in the top five of their heats are Greg Wilson, fast qualifier Phil Gressman, Kevin Lee, Brandon Martin and Dean Jacobs from the first heat, Craig Mintz, Duane Zablocki, Danny Holtgraver, Cap Henry and Dale Blaney from the second heat; Jared Ridge, Mike Linder, Bryan Sebetto, Chris Andrews and Tim Shaffer from the third heat; and Brad Haudenschild, David Gravel, Shawn Valenti, Rob Chaney and Roger Campbell from the fourth heat.

The make-up dash line-up will be Shaffer, Henry, Chaney, Gressman, Martin and Blaney. The B-main line-up will be Byron Reed and Aaron Middaugh in the first row; Brad Bowman and Brian Lay in the second row; Scott Euler and Brian Smith in the third row; Jody Keegan and Todd Heller in the fourth row; Pete Miller and Mark Imler in the fifth row and Miranda Throckmorton on the tail.

The Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprints will make up their B-main and A-main from Kear’s Speed Shop Night at a later date.

Sunday’s race program will not only feature the make-up mains for the All Stars but a complete program. The 305 sprints and Fremont Fence and Guard Rail Dirt Trucks will also be in action with a $1,000 on the line in each of their A-mains.

The make-up B-main for the 305 sprints has Steve Rando and Jimmy Colvin in the first row; Matt Merrill and Justin Franks in row two; Bryan Scott and Jim Cushing in the third row; Jordan Ryan and Nick Molnar in the fourth row; Dan Hammond and Kyle Mills in the fifth row; Marcus Gonya and Dustin Keegan in the sixth row; Jess Stiger and Lee Jacobs in the 7th row; Jamie Miller and Stuart Brubaker in the 8th row; and Adam Ollom on the tail.

The A-main make-up for the 305 sprints will line up with Paul Weaver and Bobby Clark on the front row; Paige Polyak and Josh Muntz in row two; Dustin Dinan and Zack Kramer in row three; Dean Jacobs and D.J. Foos in row four; Dustin Stroup and Roger Shammo in the fifth row; Seth Schneider and Matt Ferrell in the 6th row; Nate Dussel and Mike Burkin in the 7th row and Jason Keckler and John Ivy in the 8th row with the B-main transfer cars rounding out the field.

Gates will open at 4 p.m. with racing at 7 p.m. Go to www.fremontohspeedway.com for more information.