Brian Brown – Knoxville Win, Second With Lakeside WoO!

By Bill W

June 6, 2011 – It’s hard to envision a better weekend than the one Brian Brown had last Friday and Saturday, but he’ll do his best to top it this weekend when the World of Outlaws visit Knoxville Raceway. A win at Knoxville in the 360 class on Friday, was followed by a second place showing with the WoO at Lakeside Speedway near Kansas City, Kansas last Saturday.

The Brian Brown Racing FVP #21 qualified sixteenth quick with the 360’s on Friday at Knoxville, but it would work out for him in the end despite a feature inversion of eight. “A lot of times in sprint car racing, it’s luck more than being good,” says Brian. “The reason we ran is we want to do it three or four times before the 360 Nationals. That gives us the best opportunity to win it. Qualifying is a big part of it, and we’re not going to be able to time in 16th at that time of year.”

An impressive heat win was followed by a lot of luck, resulting in a front row starting spot for the main event. “I think our car was about as good as it gets in the heat,” says Brian. “We got lucky enough in the draw to start on the front row for the feature. I think there were eight cars who timed better that missed the heat transfer.”

The Grain Valley, Missouri driver took command from outside row one early on. “Starting next to Jack (Dover) in a 15-lap race, you really want to get to turn one first,” he says. “You want to get out there and get rolling. We got through traffic pretty decent.”

Clint Garner was surging forward and gaining on Brian in the final stages before caution set up a green, white, checker finish. “I ran the bottom the first eight laps or so, and I didn’t feel great,” he says. “I felt decent on top, but on the yellow, Andy (Anderson) told me to move down a bit, because Clint Garner was coming. When a guy like Clint starts eighth and he’s second in the first couple of laps, you start to think about him. There’s a reason he’s a two-time champion at Knoxville, and we had to stay up on the wheel.”

The team towed close to home for Saturday’s battle with the WoO at Lakeside. Brian timed in seventh, started outside row one in his heat, and finished second. “I’ve learned that you don’t have to set quick time and win the heat,” he says. “It’s great if you can, but you have to put yourself in position to get in the dash. You have to make sure you make it through the heat and finish in the top two if you can.”

A dash inversion of six put him up front again and he won that event. He felt the love from the home fans. “We were able to win the dash pretty handily and there was a lot of excitement looking towards the feature,” says Brian. “I would say there were eight or nine thousand people there, and we don’t get a chance to race in front of our hometown fans very much. It was an awesome experience to feel that excitement in the air with a chance to pick up our first Outlaw feature win.”

Brian shot out to an early lead utilizing the bottom of the track. “The bottom was a good place to start, and the yellow came out later,” he says. “I was able to get another good start and run my own race. You run your pace, but you need to pick it up several pegs when you are running with the Outlaws. We’re getting better at the 30-lap runs with them, but we have plenty of room to improve our pace.”

He would lead the first 21 laps before a caution would set up another double-file restart. “We were in heavy traffic,” says Brian. “Steve (Kinser) closed up on us a couple of times, but when the caution came out on lap 22, we had a good half straightaway on him. I felt like the car was good. I rode around thinking about where I would restart.”

Hindsight is always 20/20. “I chose the bottom, but looking back, maybe I should have went with the top,” says Brian. “The bottom was just so good to us the whole race. I felt maybe Steve got on the gas a little early, and I went a little earlier than I wanted to.”

Getting beat by the best in the business does make the pill a little easier to swallow and Brian finished a solid second to “The King”. “He was able to get by us, and it didn’t work out,” he says. “The guy has won 600 features and is a 20-time Outlaw champion. It’s an honor just to run with him. He’s out there racing at 57 with two rods in his hand and 37 stitches. I think that says a whole lot about who he is and what he stands for.”

The FVP team is on a roll, having scored a pair of wins in as many weeks, and has a lot of confidence heading into Friday and Saturday with the Outlaws at Knoxville. “It was great to get out on that stage and prove we can run with these guys,” says Brian. “It was more special because we had FVP, Impact Sign & Lighting and Champion representatives there who don’t get to see their team run as much as we’d like. Our team is jelling, and that process takes time. It seems we’re all getting along and heading in the same direction. We’re getting better as the nights go on.”

Brian will also participate in the auction on Saturday, June 11, that will benefit fellow sprint car pilot, Skip Jackson and his sons. “We’re donating a number of things to the Auction,” says Brian. “Our thoughts and prayers are with him. Hopefully, they’ll be able to take care of everything and get him healed.”

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Brian’s Q&A

Wade Palmer from Harrisburg, PA asks: How much have you raced in Pennsylvania? What did you think of it?

Brian answers: I was able to run Williams Grove when we were with the Casey’s General Stores car in 2004. Believe it or not, we were second quick my first time there, and we made it through the heat and the dash. I spun out in the A, so it was kind of bittersweet. To see the atmosphere the PA Posse fans bring was cool to see. We actually had two top seven finishes at Grandview and Hagerstown, so it’s a place we had success at. It’s a place I’d like to get back to when it works for our schedule. They have great fans who are loyal and want their local guys to do well. That’s cool.

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Brown’s Bits

Brian’s second place finish with the WoO at Lakeside tied his all-time best finish with the series. On June 4, 2010 he finished second at the Knoxville Raceway. Brian trailed Jac Haudenschild to the line. Tyler Walker was third, ahead of Lucas Wolfe and Kerry Madsen.


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