Jerrod Hull captures USCS presented by Goodyear Sprint Car Speedweek 2011 title


By Pete Walton

Atlanta, GA – June 6, 2011 – After five races of six races scheduled in the USCS presented by Goodyear Sprint Car Speedweek 2011 were contested, Jerrod Hull from Sikeston, Missouri bested defending series National Champion, Terry Gray from Bartlett, Tennessee by ten points for the mini-series title. Although winless during the intense week of competition, Hull put together an effort including four top five and one top ten finish to accmulate the most points during the four events.

Hull’s consistent efforts included a fifth place finish at Riverside Speedway on Saturday, May 28th, an eighth place finish at Greenville Speedway on Sunday, May 29th and a second place finish at Clayhill Motorsports on Memorial Day Monday, May 30th during the first weekend.

During the second weekend of action for the series, Hull had another third place finish at Beebe Speedway on Thursday, June 2nd. Hull then closed the Speedweek out with a third place finish in the Speedweek 2011 finale at Moulton Speedway in Moulton, Alabama on Saturday, June 4th. He totaled 718 points awarded in main events only. A sixth race originally scheduled at Drew County Speedway on Friday, June 3rd was cancelled just prior to the Speedweek start.

Gray finished in the runner-up spot in the Speedweek 2011 standings with 708 total points accumulated from three top five and two top ten finishes. 2006 USCS Rookie of the Year, Derek Hagar from Marion, Arkansas drove H&H Motorsport’s #94 sprinter to third place in the week long mini-series standings with 702 points just six behind Gray.

The 2010 USCS Mid South Thunder regional series Rookie of the Year, Jerod Roller from , Olive Branch Mississippi finished the Speedweek standings in fourth place with 678 points. The 2008 Parts Plus USCS Rookie of the Year, Anthony Nicholson from Bartlett, Tennessee rounded out the top five drivers in the sixth annual event with 668 points.

Second year sprint car driver, Casey Rowland from Nesbit, Mississippi finished sixth place with 666 points. The 2010 USCS National Rookie of the Year, 18 year-old female sprint car hot-shoe Morgan Turpen from Cordova, Tennessee followed in seventh position with 658 points. Current 2011 USCS Rooke of the Year point’s leader, Jordan Mallett from Greenbriar, Arkansas f inished eighth in the standings with 648 points. Ninth in the mini-series standings was Brian Bell from Cordova, Tennessee. The 16 year-old 2010 USCS Southern Thunder Rookie of the Year, Eric Riggins, Jr. from Charlotte, North Carolina with 630 Speedweek points rounded out the top ten..

Speedweek feature winners were: Tim Crawley from Benton, Arkansas who won on the first three nights at Riveride, Greenville and Clayhill. He had a runner-up finish at Beebe Speedway in Round Four. He did not attend the Moulton Speedway finale. Shane Stewart from Pittsboro, Indiana won Round four at Beebe Speedway. Derek Hagar from Marion, Arkansas got the victory at Moulton Speedway in the finale.

Jordan Mallett was declared the Speedweek “Rookie of the Week” for his solid efforts that included accumulating the most points of any rookie driver during the mini-series. Eight rookies competed during the week. Fourty-five drivers from nine states entered the competition. There was an average of twenty-four cars that competed at each event. For complete results of each race visit

***Photo Caption: Sikeston, Missouri’s Jerrod Hull captured the USCS presented by Goodyear Sprint Car Speedweek 2011 crown. ,,,

USCS presented by Goodyear Speedweek 2011
Pos. Car# Driver Points

1 12 Jerrod Hull 718

2 10 Terry Gray 708

3 94 Derek Hagar 702

4 5 Jerod Roller 678

5 C4 Casey Rowland 666

6 16 Anthony Nicholson 662

7 80 Morgan Turpen 652

8 14 Jordon Mallett 648

9 23 Brian Bell 636

10 47 Eric Riggins Jr 630

11 2 Alex Pettas 610

12 88 Tim Crawley 598

13 20 Darren Clark 546

14 21 David Clark 538

15 44 Ronnie Howard 484

16 87 Justin Carver 382

17 0X Clint Weiss 334

18 44C Wesley Shepard 314

19 28 Jeff Swindell 294

20 14K Kyle Bellm 276

21 1G Cody Gardner 266

22 20 Mike Hampton 258

23 25 Ray Bugg 252

24 15 Tony Wilson 246

25 31 Justin Webb 224

26 8Z Zack Pringle 214

27 10 P Jim Perricone 200

28 57 Shane Stewart 150

29 39 Brad Bowden 144

30 3 AG Raines 140

31 7 Tony Bruce 138

32 1A Lee Moore 136

33 32 Robert Richardson 126

34 16P DeWayne Prince 124

35 12T Joe Young 124

36 44C DJ Masner 120

37 23 Lance Moss 118

38 7 D Dylan DeJournett 116

39 1 Eddie Gallagher 114

40 58 Wade Oliver 110

41 13X Corey Hall 100

42 12D Dalton Davis 100

43 28W Jeff Willingham 100

44 6K Jerod Kelley 100

45 91 Marshall Skinner 100