Hank Lower Picks Up South Bend AVBBSS Win

avss auto value super sprints

Thanks to Mike for these unofficial results

Veteran Hank Lower won the Auto Value Bumper to Bumper Super Sprint feature Sunday night at South Bend Motor Speedway.

Here were the 18 drivers at South Bend.

3x Mike Austraskas
7 Tim Cox
7 Jo Jo Helberg
7s Joe Swanson
10 Ron Koehler
10d Troy DeCaire
10m Ronny McClain
20x Kyle Flint
24 Bill Tyler
26 Jeff Bloom
37 Hank Lower
40x Jason Cox
42 Kevin Feeney
43 Sam Davis
46 Jim Swain
61 Jeff Rankin
61k Tyler (Troy?) Rankin
81 Dave Baumgartner

Koehler won Heat 1.

Austrakas won Heat 2 after Baumgartner lead all the laps. Baumgartner was docked two positions after jumping the start. He was outside pole for Heat 2.

Jeff Rankin won Heat 3.

Lower won the Feature. He lead all the laps (maybe with the exception of Lap 1).

Once again, unofficial results.