Baker Wins at Double X

California, MO — (June 26, 2011) — Taking over the top spot on lap twelve, Cody Baker went on to his first win of the season at Double X Speedway Sunday night.

The initial start was a no-go as Lanny Carpenter spun in turn one. Once green, Randy Martin assumed command and looked like he was primed for yet another win at his home track, but Cody Baker was able to get by to lead lap twelve just before the yellow was thrown for T.J. Muths, who lost a chance for a top five finish when he suffered front axle damage in turn two.

Baker led on the restart and the race went non-stop the rest of the way as Baker won comfortably in the Mike Timmerman sponsored XXX with a power plant built by Cody’s grandpa, Ted Hall. Finishing second was Martin in his Diamond Pet Foods/Pro Powder Coating J& J with Roush-Yates power. Evan Martin was third in his Heidbreder Foundation/Jefferson Asphalt Maxim with Buzzard power. Last week’s winner, Tyler Blank, was fourth in his Blank’s Backhoe/Machens Auto Group Patriot-powered GF1. Carpenter rebounded from his early spin to round out the top five in his Sierra Pool and Spas/Bee Line Snack Shop J&J with an Engine Connection motor. Rounding out the top ten were Kyle Carpenter, Matt McGarry, Miranda Arnold, David Brown, and A.J. Wirts. Heats for the fifteen car field were won by Randy Martin and Baker.

Next Sunday, July 2nd, the Speedway Motors ASCS Warrior region will make their second appearance of the season at Double X. Randy Martin was the winner of the first race in May.

Double X Speedway results-

1st Heat-8 laps

14 Randy Martin, California, MO(4), 2. 48 David Brown, Marshall, MO(1), 3. 65 T.J. Muths, Sedalia, MO(2), 4. XX A.J. Wirts, California, MO(3), 5. 49 Tyler Elliott, California, MO(5), DNS: 9C Tony Crank, Sedalia, MO, 5M Miranda Arnold, Sedalia, MO

2nd Heat-8 laps

38 Cody Baker, Lone Jack, MO(1), 2. 4 Evan Martin, California, MO(4), 3. 75 Tyler Blank, California, MO(6), 4. 24 Lanny Carpenter, Clarksburg, MO(7), 5. 775 Andy Korte, California, MO(2), 6. 17 Kyle Carpenter, Marshfield, MO(5), 7. 31 Matt McGarry, Alma, MO(3)

A Main-25 laps

38 Baker(2), 2. 14 R. Martin(1), 3. 4 E. Martin(4), 4. 75 Blank(6), 5. 24 L.Carpenter(7), 6. 17 K. Carpenter(9), 7. 31 McGarry(10), 8. 5M Arnold(13), 9. 48 Brown(3), 10. XX Wirts(11), 11. 49 Elliott(12), 12. 775 Korte(8)-DNF 13. 65 Muths(5)-DNF Did Not Start-9C Crank, 93 Walton