By Robert Haugh
The Mighty Midgets of the Bay Cities Racing Association attack the ¼ mile D shaped paved oval at Lakeport Speedway this Saturday. The Midgets are the fastest class at the Speedway, with a track record of 11.699 set by Nick Foster Jr. in May of 2005. Foster and Chad Nichols both picked up wins in 2010 at Lakeport Speedway.
Leading the charge this weekend will be Nick Foster Jr. in the Jim Fowler #1 Beast/Gearte and Chad Nichols in his #17n Beast/Esslinger. Contending will be Shannon McQueen, making her 1st pavement start of 2011, in Paul Eskesens #10c Beast/Mopar, Dillon Silverman in the RAM Racing #4a Spike/Ecotec, Floyd Alvis in his #83 Stealth/Buick, Nick Chivello in the Cliff Blackwell #27b Beast/Esslinger, Shasta Raceway Park promoter Rick Faeth in his #3 Stealth/V4, Kevin Morris in the Del Morris #17k Beast/Esslinger, Devin LaHourge in Rick Faeths #2 Beast/Gearte, Rick Holbrook in Peggy Holbrooks #6 Spike/Ecotec, and Grant Koontz in the Dave Strimling #5 Stewart/Chevy.
Lauren Snider of Lakeport will be entering 3 cars. The #2k driven by Michael Snider, #2x driven by Darrin Snider and #2m driven by Mark Merek. Floyd Alvis has also entered his #18 Stealth/Van Dyne.
Pit Gates open at 10am with practice beginning at 12:30pm and qualifying at 3:30pm.
Follow along at www.bcraracing.com for news and results.