The mighty Midgets of the Bay Cities Racing Association head the 3/8 mile clay Petaluma Speedway this Saturday. 2-Time Champion Nick Foster Jr. continues to lead the Championship points, while Shannon McQueen leads the Dirt Championship. Nick will be driving the Fowler Motorsports #1 Beast/Esslinger and Shannon will be in her #7 Spike/Esslinger.

Contenders for this event will be last years winner Scott Pierovich in the Lance Pierovich #35 Spike/Wirth Mopar, 7-Time Champion Floyd Alvis in his #83 Stealth/Buick, 3-Time Champion Glenn Carson in the Doug Bock #26 Spike/Esslinger, 2009 Champion David Prickett in the Neverlift Motorsports #15 Spike/Van Dyne, Dillon Silverman in the RAM Racing #4a Spike/Ecotec, Pete Davis in his “Hothead” #00 Stealth/Esslinger, J.R. Williams in his #74 Stealth/Ecotec, Danny Parker in the Bob Roza #28 Stealth/Esslinger, Kevin Morris in the Del Morris #17k Spike/Esslinger and Britton Bock in his #67 Spike/Esslinger.

Also vying for victory will be Rick Holbrook in the Peggy Holbrook #6 Spike/Ecotec, Michael Snider in the Lauren Snider #2k Beast/Mopar, Connor Kassik in the Neverlift Motorsports #15n TCR/Van Dyne, Travis Haugh in the Rich Haugh #5h Maxim/Chevy, Nick Chivello in the Blackwell Motorsports #27b Stealth/Ford and Sean Dodenhoff in his #9d Spike/Fontana.

Joining the Midgets at Petaluma will be the BCRA Midget Lites. Pit gates open at Noon with registration opening at 2pm and practice beginning at 5pm.

Follow along at www.bcraracing.com for news and results.