Felmlee Wins at Fan Appreciation Night

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From Lou Long

Mercer, PA (August 23, 2011): On Sprint Car Appreciation Night, Bob Felmlee took the win in the Luxaire Heating & Cooling Sprint Cars while Dennis Wagner scooped up a pair of wins in the ti22 Performance Outlaw Sprint Warriors

A full field of Luxaire Heating & Cooling Sprint Cars were on hand to claim Goodyear Tire certificates, as the track tire supplier stepped up to show its appreciation to the racers who have so strongly supported Mercer Raceway Park thusfar in the 2011 season. Each and every car that started the A Main got some free rubber, a value in excess of $200. Plus, the track still provided its five tire certificates, so several drivers got a pair of free tires. Racin’ Ralphie Spithaler started on the pole, but when he pulled a wheelie on the intial start, it was the Wheelman who took charge of the event. The youngest member of the Matus racing clan, Brandon, led the first four laps, but the Flying One, Bob Felmlee, made a power move coming off the bottom of turn four to grab the lead with five down. Felmlee continued to lead after the first caution as well, but the Kittanning Comet, Rod George, who is trailing Felmlee in the points race, moved into second place. As Felmlee was racing through lapped traffic, George began to close. Before he could make his move, though, a red flag stopped the action for a crash by Francis Sesco near the pit entrance off turn three. The top three got away cleanly on the restart, but Jimmmy Light made some strong moves to climb into fourth. His strong run came to a halt a few laps later, as he turned into the infield. The action was slowed again when Chris Shuttleworth backed his 360 Sprint off the top of turn four. The ensuing restart allowed the Aussie pilot, Marty Muscles Perovich, to slip into fourth. As the laps would down, Felmlee had a comfortable lead over george and Jason Dolick. Felmlee got a scare on the final lap, when Shuttleworth spun ahaead of him in turn two. While that was going on, Kevin Andrusky struck the wall coming off the fourth corner, bringing out a red. That put Felmlee on the point for a one lap dash for the cash. Rod George got a tremendous run on the restart, and he got under Felmlee in turn one. Felmlee rode the cushion back to the lead as they raced through the second turn. Felmlee crossed ahead of George. Dolick finished behind the two points leaders. Perovich barely nipped Brandon Spithaler at the line for fourth. Positions six through ten went to Cole Duncan in his first ride in the Jim Chappel 8, Brandon Matus, Ralph Spithaler, Brent Matus, and Scott Priester.

Additional Goodyear tire certificates were awarded to Felmlee as the winner, Brandon Spithaler as the hard charger, and Shawn Minor as the last car on the lead lap. Random certificates were given to Cole Duncan and Cowboy Brian Steinman.

Dennis Wagner doubled in the ti22 Performance Outlaw Sprint Warriors. In the opening race, he cruised to an easy win over Justin Whitesell, points leader Guy Griffin, rookie Michael Bauer and Joel Trent. In the nightcap, Wagner inheritted the lead when Jimmy Morris jumped the cushion and struck the concrete wall exitting turn four. Behind Wagner in the second feature was Griffin and Bauer. Jacob Lagestee and Jeff Goodman completed the top 5.

Luxaire Heating & Cooling Sprint Cars: 1. Bob Felmlee (6); 2. Rod George (4); 3. Jason Dolick (D12); 4. Marty Perovich (17); 5. Brandon Spithaler (22S); 6. Cole Duncan (8); 7. Brandon Matus (13); 8. Ralph Spithaler (56); 9. Brent Matus (33); 10. Scott Priester (15); 11. Chris Best (66); 12. Adam Kekich (5K); 13. Shawn Minor (3M); 14. Kevin Andrusky (7A); 15. Chris Shuttleworth (11); 16. Aaron Shaffer (97S); 17. Jimmy Light (23); 18. John McCracken, Sr. (63); 19. Francis Sesco (2S); 20. Dennis Wagner (38); 21. Robert Van Tassel (69X); 22. Lindsay Enscoe (96); 23. Walt Tutak, Jr. (4B). DNS: Brian Steinman (24S).

Heat winners: Brandon Spithaler, Brandon Matus and Perovich.

ti22 Performance Outlaw Sprint Warriors (June 23 make-up feature): 1. Dennis Wagner (38); 2. Justin Whitesell (17); 3. Guy Griffin (11); 4. Michael Bauer (35); 5. Joel Trent (10T). ti22 Performance Outlaw Sprint Warriors (regular feature): 1. Dennis Wagner (38); 2. Guy Griffin (11); 3. Michael Bauer (35); 4. Jacob Lagestee (72); 5. Jeff Goodman (14G); 6. Jim Morris (16); 7. Joel Trent (10T); 8. Harold Braden, Jr. (9); 9. Justin Whitesell (17). Heat winner: Morris.