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Sodeman and Jones Win at Mercer

Jack Sodeman Jr. and Vivian Jones won the sprint car features Saturday at Michaels Mercer Raceway during the salute to the late Guy Griffin. […]

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Sodeman Wins at Mercer

Jack Sodeman Jr. picked up the winged 410 sprint car victory on Saturday at Michael’s Mercer Raceway. […]

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Justin Barger Wins PST Event at Michael’s Mercer Raceway

It has been since 2015 since Justin Barger has won a Patriot Sprint Tour A-Main but all of that changed Saturday night at Michaels Mercer Raceway when the Cornelius, NC driver led all 25 laps and held off rookie Matt Farnham and veteran, Jared Zimbardi.


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Brandon Spithaler Wins at Mercer

Mercer Raceway Park Mercer, PA Saturday July 13, 2019 Winged 410 Sprint Cars Feature: 1. 22 – Brandon Spithaler 2. 23jr – Jack Sodeman Jr 3. 42 – Sye Lynch 4. 08 – Dan Kuriger […]

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Chandler Leiby Wins BOSS Feature at Mercer

Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series Mercer Raceway Park Mercer, PA Saturday June 29, 2019 Feature: 1. 119 – Chandler Leiby, 2. 33M – Matt Westfall, 3. ER34 – Parker Fredrickson, 4. 9G – Cody Gardner, 5. […]

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Rob Felix Wins at Mercer

Mercer Raceway Park Mercer, PA Saturday May 11, 2019 Winged 305 Sprint Cars Feature: 1. 21 – Rob Felix 2. 4J – Jacob Gomola 3. 79 – Will Flemming 4. 88 – Greg Dobrosky 5. […]

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Jordan Ryan Wins at Mercer Raceway Park

Mercer Raceway Park Mercer, PA Saturday July 14, 2018 Winged 410 Sprint Cars Qualifying: 1. 22 – Brandon Spithaler, 14.199 2. 35 – Stewart Brubaker, 14.330 3. 55 – Gary Kreiss, 14.349 4. 23jr – […]

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Michael Bauer Wins at Mercer

Mercer Raceway Park Mercer, PA Saturday May 13, 2017 Winged 410 Sprint Cars Heat Race #1: 1. 8 – Dan Kuriger 2. 23jr – Jack Sodeman Jr 3. 13 – Brandon Matus 4. 33 – […]

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FAST Series Set For Growth In 2017

The 410 and 305 sprint teams who plan to the run the 2017 FAST series will compete for the highest purses in the nine year history of the organization. […]

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Sodeman Wins Feature and Championship at Mercer

ack Sodeman, Jr. won the final feature for the 4 Your Car Connection 410 Sprint Cars and, with it came his third track championship, and second one in a row. Last week, Sodeman said that he was going to go for the win and that he would let the points take care of themselves. Well, the points did just that, as Sodeman claimed the title simply by pulling his pill upon arrival at the speedway, as the show-up points were enough to put him over the top. […]