Super Shox Release

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By Brian Goscinski

With August and Iowa speed-weeks in the books many cars with Super Shox had a great month. Sammy Swindell was crowned as Mr. Sprint Car for the second year in a row and in the nine nights of Iowa sprint car racing a car with Super Shox won four of those races and a car with Super Shox finished in the top four every night.

As the the season begins to wind down and championships are being decided. There are many cars with Super Shox in the championship hunt as every weekend there are wins and top 3 finishes from Micro sprints to Sprint cars. Bill Balog is atop the IRA points for the third year in a row with 10 wins, Ben Schmidt has locked up the EWSC points and is leading the MSA and Plymouth points, Todd Lehr is leading the WIMS points where a car with Super Shox has won every race this year, Tom Sexton is in a close battle for the point lead at Wilmot in the 410 wing sprints. In USAC Sprint car points Chris Windom is currently second after winning the Indiana Sprint Week Title. Sam Borden is leading the points at Linton with 16 wins in 2011 with his upright non-wing micro sprint. Kevin Swindell is sitting second in Knoxville 410 points and on top of the rookie of the year standings, Jamie Ball is second in 305 points at Knoxville this year and Jerrod Hull is leading the MOWA points just to name a few who have had great seasons running Super Shox.

For a customer searching for a shock package today it can become a confusing and difficult decision to make since every shock company can take claim of winners and present a convincing sales pitch. With today’s social media it is easy to get the message out and all of the shock companies are posting wins and top finishes on twitter and facebook. Super Shox is no different in that regard we take great pride in the success of our customers and our product.

When it comes to shocks there is no question that a gas shock is a better method of construction. There are many positives to gas shocks with the biggest one being gas pressure which helps to give the car stability and consistency but there can also be some negatives to that gas pressure such as being too high on a slick track.

When the track looses grip and the car has to mechanically create that grip is where most gas shocks come up short. This is where Super Shox have a edge on the competition and have increased grip on slick tracks. With Super Shox the chassis is able to squat and load the tires to get that grip in the slick.

The Super Shox double adjustable shock can run as low as 1 lbs of rod pressure so that the chassis can make the initial movement to get grip. It’s not as easy and just letting the gas out because without gas the shock will have cavitation. It takes a careful balance between valving and gas pressure to get the right balance for maximum grip.

With more and more drivers switching to Super Shox we are getting more and more feed back and every driver feels the stability and control but also comments about increased grip on slick tracks even compared to popular twin tube brand shocks.

Super Shox has a growing list of winners and many satisfied customers and the reason why is a great product that works and exceptional service and support. Every week we are at the track working with our customers to help them get the most from their shocks and to find ways to improve our product.

To find out more about Super Shox check us out at or give us a call at 847-548-SHOX (7469) you can also follow us on Twitter and keep up with all that’s Super Shox on Facebook.