The Enhanced Canadian Nationals Entry List

This is the enhanced entry list for the 2011 Canadian Sprint Car Nationals.  This is not the official entry list.  If you wish to see the official pre-entry list for the Nationals click here.  This is that list when various edits from drivers and teams that have contacted us.  If you are going to race the nationals are not on this list, on the list but not coming, or changing up drivers please contact us with the updated information so we can post it.

Updated 09/14/2011 at 12:52 a.m. EST

Car # Name Affiliation Hometown Update
0 Glenn Styres OHSWEKEN Ohsweken, ON Dave Dykstra will be filling in for the injured Glenn Styres
2m Dustin Daggett SOD Grand Ledge, MI
3g Shane Stewart OTHER Brownsburg,  IN
3 Wayne Ashton OHSWEKEN Kitchener, ON
4 Josh Turner SOD Hudson, MI
5 Keith Dempster OHSWEKEN Alton, ON
5m Brad Malloy OHSWEKEN Niagara Falls,  ON
6 Ben Rutan Jerome, MI Driving the Ron Hammons entry for the Nationals.
7S Cory Sparks ESS Edinburg, NY
7 Kyle Moffit OHSWEKEN South Dayton,  NY
07x Dain Naida OHSWEKEN Tecumseh, MI
7x Jamie Collard OHSWEKEN Burford, ON
9 Jim Munsie SOS Pickering, ON
10c Bob Crawford SOS Sutton,  ON
10c Jeff Cook ESS Antwerp,  NY
10 Mitch Brown OHSWEKEN Brantford,  ON
11 Jamie Turner OHSWEKEN Caistor Centre,  ON
12 Tim Kelly PATRIOTS Rock Stream, NY
13 Kevin Ward, Jr. ESS Port Leyden,  NY
14H Jim Huppunen OHSWEKEN Fenwick,  ON
17J Lance Younge ESS PennYan,  NY
17 Jared Horstman NRA Cloverdale, OH
22H Randy Hannagan NRA Pittsboro, IN
24 Devin Caron ESS Cornwall,  ON
28FM Steve Poirier ESS St. Mathieu de Beloeil, QC
30 Adam West SOS Ridgetown,  ON
30g Stevin Goldner OHSWEKEN Aylmer,  ON
31 Andy Teunessen SOD Hastings, MI
32 Justin Barger PATRIOTS Montrose,  NY
33 Shawn Donath ESS South Onendaga, NY
33K Kyle Patrick OHSWEKEN Tilbury,  ON
35 Jared Zimbardi PATRIOTS Little Valley,  NY
36 Mike Stelter ESS Webster,  NY
38 Brad Knab PATRIOTS Arcade, NY
45 Chuck Hebing ESS Ontario,  NY
49 Todd Hoddick OHSWEKEN Cheektowaga, NY
49T Gregg Dalman NRA Bellevue, MI
51 Lee Ladouceur SOS Alexandria, ON
52 Jessie Costa OHSWEKEN St. Thomas,  ON
55 Patick Vigneault ESS TROIS-RIVIERES, QC
55 Gord Kynoch other Spruce Grove;  AB
67 Chris Durand OHSWEKEN Port Stanley,  ON
71 Travis Cunningham SOS Grimsby,  ON
77x Wayne Johnson other Oklahoma City, OK
80 Chris Steele OHSWEKEN Fenwick,  ON
84 Tyler Rand ESS Picton, ON
90 James Evans OHSWEKEN Beamsville, ON
96 Shane Butler OHSWEKEN St. Thomas,  ON
98 Paul Pekkonen SOS Brockville, ON

Not on the pre-entry list, but coming or likely to show up…

Car # Name Affiliation Hometown Update
3w Ryan Ruhl Angola, IN CONFIRMED! Ruhl is going to race at Ohsweken this weekend in the 3w car.
15H Sam Hafertepe, Jr. Sunnyvale, TX Sam has indicated on their facebook fan page they are racing at Ohsweken this weekend.
21 Matt Lumbert Hastings, MI MAYBE: Lumbert is considering going to the Nationals.
46 Robert Huisken Marne, MI Confirmed on Tuesday night that Huisken is headed to Ohsweken this weekend.


Also our Minister of Canadian Culture, Tommy Goudge, sent us these entries confirmed by their various sanctioning bodies, team representatives, or themselves.

1z Jessica Zemken
4 Bob Reis
15aw April Wilson
20k Thomas Kennedy
21k Lou Kennedy, Jr.
25 Michael Parent
42w Rick Wilson
51 Bryan Howland
52 Scott Kreutter
67c Steve Collins
87 Jason Barney
99 Jeff Frasier

Also put down Alain Bergeron as a maybe for the nationals as well.