Passmore Finds Humboldt Twice As Nice

John Lemon

Humboldt Kansas (May 4, 2012) – There comes a time when you know someone other than you has a really hot hand and after the second round of the 2012 Oil Capital Racing Series run to the “Goodyear Tire & Rubber Championship”, nobody has a hotter hand than that of Rose Oklahoma’s Jamie Passmore. In 2 events, Passmore has been in six races since the first green flag fell. In two heats, two “pole dashes” and two A-Features, Passmore has won them all in his GAP Roofing / Eagle / Wesmar Engines sprinter. In this edition, the first event of a weekend doubleheader, Passmore began the feature race from the pole position, took charge from the outset and never was seriously threatened the entire distance.

Rafe Essary followed Passmore for the first few circuits from his outside front row starting spot then the race was stopped a few short laps into the race for a spin by Alex Sewell in turn two. Ironically, Sewell had just saved the car moments earlier when executed a 360 degree spin in turn four and kept the Action Auto Collision special from parking. It was after a restart and eight laps into the affair when Will Scribner went for a tumble in turn four in the Alan Lemmons mount to bring out the red flag. Scribner was OK but done early. With the moon as full as it could be, it didn’t take long for the full moon curse to strike once more. When the track went green, Whit “The Gasman” Gastineau, an 11th place starter who was maneuvering his way towards the front, started to spin the Shell Rapid Lube / DW’s Video / Eagle / Larry Allen Engines #2w but instead of coming to a halt, the Gasman produced a 360 spin and kept going. For the field behind him, this was not good as Gastineau lost speed with his spinning ways and cars began to check up behind him. One innocent victim in all the commotion was Josh The Hammer Toho. The pilot of the B&K Automotive #41 climbed a wheel and went for a wild ride turning over with fierce thrusts. Toho would walk away from the carnage.

One driver that was on a move but was being restricted by all the stoppages was Jeremy Allen in the Four Generations number 87 mount. For the second week in a row, Allen found himself with the dubious task of having to pass multiple machines to salvage a tough starting position. Unlike last week when contact with another competitor would sideline him, Allen would pass eleven other missiles to bring it home in the seventh position where he would earn the AmeriFlex Hose & Accessories “Hard Charger” award. After a couple of other interruptions due to spins, OCRS officials elected to make a run to 20 of the scheduled 25 laps. Passmore would take the checkers by two full corners ahead of Gastineau who had fought valiantly with Essary for the runner-up position. After Essary, it was Shayla “The Princess” Waddell who tied her OCRS best with a fourth place finish from her ninth starting spot in her Eagle Chassis / Production Engine / Shores-Sentry / Red Rock Distributing car and rounding out the top five was Casey Wills who had one of his best OCRS runs ever in the A.R.T. / Dyno Services Of Oklahoma / Oil Express Trucking / Fleet Services #31. Rounding out the top ten were: Glen Passmore, Allen, Fred Mattox, Danny Smith and Tim Kent.

Heat winners were: Jamie Passmore, Layne Himebaugh, Alex Sewell.

M&W Aluminum Heat: Jamie Passmore

Bob Hurley Auto Family Heat: Layne Himebaugh

Drive Shafts Inc. Heat: Alex Sewell

AmeriFlex Hose & Accessories “Hard Charger” recipient went to Jeremy Allen.

Grand Prix Auto, Lightning Wings, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Schoenfeld Mufflers, Brodix Cylinders and PM-Pro are sponsors who also contribute to the OCRS sprint car series.

Humboldt Speedway
Race date: May 4, 2012 – Event 2

Starting Position in ( )

Total Cars: 20

M&W Aluminum Heat:

1. Jamie Passmore (1) 2. Kenneth Walker (2) 3. Shayla Waddell (3) 4. Whit Gastineau (4) 5. David Stephenson (5) 6. Will Scribner (7) 7. Jeremy Allen (6)

Bob Hurley Ford Heat:

1. Layne Himebaugh (2) 2. Colton Brewer (1) 3. Rafe Essary (6) 4. Glen Passmore (5) 5. Danny Smith (4) 6. Michael Bookout (7) 7. Kyle Clark (3)

Drive Shafts Inc Heat:

1. Alex Sewell (2) 2. Casey Wills (1) 3. Tim Kent (5) 4. Fred Mattox (4) 5. Josh Toho (3) 6. Beau Gastineau DNS

Pole Dash:

1. Jamie Passmore (3) 2. Rafe Essary (2) 3. Layne Himebaugh (2) 4. Alex Sewell (5) 5. Fred Mattox (1) 6. Colton Brewer (6)

OCRS A Feature:

1.Jamie Passmore (1) 2. 2, Whit Gastineau (11) 3, Rafe Essary (2) 4, Shayla Waddell (9) 5, Casey Wills (7) 6, Glen P:assmore (10) 7, Jeremy Allen (18) 8, Fred Mattox (12) 9, Danny Smith (14) 10, Tim Kent (8) 11, Kenneth Walker (5) 12, Alex Sewell (4) 13, Beau Gastineau. (19) Michael Bookout (17) 15, David Stephenson (13) 16, Josh Toho (15) 17, Colton Brewer (6) 18, Will Scribner (16) 19, Layne Himebaugh (3) 20, Kyle Clark (DNS).

AmeriFlex Hose & Accessories Hard Charger: Jeremy Allen
Next Event: Saturday May 5th @ Mid-America Speedway / South Coffeyville Oklahoma