Danny Smith Wins at Skyline

From Scott Wolfe

Stewart, OH — (May 26, 2012) — The OVSCA 410 Outlaw sprint feature was a good one that went at a ground shaking, torrid pace, going green-to-checkered with veteran Danny Smit claiming the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association victory.

Going into turn one Jimmy Nier, Piketon, OH blasted into the lead, then Aaron Higgins bicycled through the middle of the turn with Smith down low in an daunting 3-wide battle.

Nier made a run on Smith going into turn three, but from that point on Smith throttled up to overdrive and charged on to the non-stop win. Nier, Jimmy Stinson, Andre Layfield, and Higgins fought for position with Wayne McPeek, who later went pitside with mechanical woes. Josh Davis and Nathan Skaggs had a race-long battle with Kory Crabtree and Dave Dickson. Late in the race, both Crabtree and Skaggs charged forward, knocking Davis out of the frey and shuffling the earlier contender Layfield back two positions.

Nier pulled within striking distance a couple of times, however, Smith flexed his muscle in the Coors Light Gang Maxim #4 and blasted on to the win. Rounding out the top ten were Smith, Jimmy Nier, Aaron Higgins, Jimmy Stinson, Kory Crabtree, Nathan Skaggs, Andre Layfield, Josh Davis, Dave Dickson, and Lance Webb.

Nathan Skaggs was the Hard charger in the sprints moving up 3 positions from 9th to 6th. Jimmy Stinson blistered the red-clay highbanks with a scorching 12:16 fast time.