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By Brian Goscinski

This weeks Racer of The Week is Martin Edwards driver of the #45 Devil’s Bowl Speedway, Smiley’s Racing Products, Allard Racing Engines, Action Sportswear, Town East Ford Collision Center, The Oil Medics, Hoosier Tire Southwest, Super Shox, Hinchman Racing Uniforms, Five1 Seven Designs ASCS Sprint Car. Martin is in his 9th season of racing and first with Super Shox and currently is the ASCS Lone Star points leader so lets get his opinion on switching to Super Shox.

SS: What feels different with Super Shox as opposed to other shocks you have used?
ME: The biggest difference I feel is the amount of grip it put into the car.

SS: What do you feel are the benefits of using Super Shox?
ME: The benefits of using Super Shox is endless from the quick service to the backing when your having a struggle Brian is just a call away, as far the actual shock its self you only have to carry four shocks instead of 40 plus of the other brands.

SS: What advantage to feel you have with Super Shox?
ME: The biggest advantage we have with the Super Shox is the quick adjustment so the guys can make that last second change that other guys don’t have.

SS: When looking at a double adjustable gas shock it looks pretty complicated to many racers, how has it been for you to adapt to using adjustable shocks?
ME: When you hear double adjustable gas shock you think you need to be a shock specialist to know how to really use them but with the shock manual that is sent with the Shox and a quick lesson from Brian and a little help from Wayne Johnson we made the the switch really easy.

SS: Did you find the shock manual to be useful in gaining an understanding of the shocks?
ME: Yes the the manual was very useful from giving a base starting point and the dyno sheet for each shock so you know exactly where you are at, we use our manual for one reason or another every night.

SS: What is your opinion on the service and support from Super Shox?
ME: The service and support that Brain and the guys at Super Shox give is second to none, from the time I ordered my shocks and got them I was updated at where they where at while waiting only a few weeks to have them built and shipped to me, and then if you have a question Brain is only a phone call away it doesn’t get any better.

SS: Has Super Shox changed the way you drive or set up the car?
ME: Super Shox has changed the way we setup the car, we have been able to take what we thought was a good setup and make it even better, it has also made me fine tune my driving as the littlest movement of the wheel makes the car move since you have so much grip not only in the rear but the front as well.

SS: Martin thanks for taking the time to share your experience with Super Shox we are glad to have you on our team.

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