Horstman Hangs on at Butler

From Tom Willavize

Jared Hortsman jumped to the lead from his 5th starting position and went on to win his 3rd feature of the season at Butler Motor Speedway. The Sprint car feature got off to a bad start when Aaron Huff flipped in turn 1. A complete restart would show Mike Burns getting an early lead before Hortsman was able to motor by. The red would fly again for a scary double flip with Burns and Max Stambaugh. Both drivers were ok, but the cars were heavily damaged and done for the night.

Butler Speedway Results – June 9, 2012
Winged Sprints
Feature: 1. 17 Jared Hortsman , 2. 19 Doug Zimmerman, 3. 23J Chris Jones, 4. 81 John Gall, 5. 49 Shawn Dancer, 6. 31J Bill Jacoby, 7. 48 Scott Hull, 8. 20A Andy Chehowski, 9. 27K Ryan Kirkendall, 10. 27B Brad Lamberson, 11. 4 Josh Turner , 12. 7 Nic Rogers, 13. 5M Max Stambaugh, 14. 50B Mike Burns, 15. 9R Len Robison, 16. 33 Brandon Hyliard, 17. 10J Chris Jones, 18. 96M Josh Mohr, 19. 27 Shelby Bilton, 20. 8 Aaron Huff
Heat Winners: Shelby Bilton, Doug Zimmerman, Brad Lamberson
B Main: Scott Hull