Sides Motorsports Settles Lawsuit with World Racing Group

Concord, NC — (June 13, 2012) — It appears the lawsuit between Sides Motorsports and the World Racing Group has been settled. Sides Motorsports released a statement on Wednesday morning that after a lengthy mediation session on Monday that both sides were able to come to an agreement.

In a statement released on their Facebook page Sides Motorsports announced the following: “After a long day in Charlotte, sitting in mediation on Monday, Both Jason Sides and WRG came to an agreement. The lawsuit has been settled and it’s time to move on. Jason is pleased and satisfied with the outcome. Jason and the 7s team is looking forward to putting this behind them and ready to focus on racing now. Good things are ahead for the 7s team.”

Sides has continued to follow a large portion of the World of Outlaws tour, skipping the lower paying mid-week programs.