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Haubstadt, IN – June 30, 2012. Kyle Cummins, of Princeton, IN, won the 30 lap feature for the Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series during the Summer Blast at Tri-State Speedway Saturday evening. Cummins took the lead from Jonathan Hendrick on lap 8 of the event and then held off a charging Damion Gardner to preserve the win. The victory came despite a green, white, checker finish which closed up the field and gave all the top runners a renewed opportunity at taking the lead. The yellow had beckoned when Levi Jones’ car stopped on the front straightaway. Jones had been running fourth.

Damion Gardner would finish as the runner-up. Gardner took a final shot at gaining the lead that took him up underneath Cummins in turn two. Robert Ballou was also on the move in racing up to third after starting tenth. The run granted Ballou the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger of the Race Award. Jonathan Hendrick took fourth in holding off Brady Short to complete the top five.

Cummins’ victory was his first at Tri-State Speedway in MSCS sprint car competition. The win was worth $2,500! Sponsors of the Cummins Racing Maxim Sprinter include Vincennes University, Greenwell Auto Body, Remax Midwest, and Cummins Racing Engines. In victory lane Cummins was elated. “I had begun to think that this would never happen.” Cummins was not only fast but determined. “I felt that no-one could catch me if I stayed at the top. The car was perfect. I just had to concentrate so I didn’t jump the cushion those last two laps!” Cummins became the seventh different winner in the seven MSCS features held so far in 2012.

The heat races were won by rookie Brian Karraker and Hunter Schuerenberg. The two drivers are teammates with Rock Steady Racing. Karraker’s heat win was his first in MSCS competition. Schuerenberg finished sixth in the feature after running as high as third during the battle for those front spots.

MSCS Points leader Jon Stanbrough, Chase Stockon, Levi Jones, and Kevin Thomas Jr. rounded out the top ten in the feature. Donny Brackett was the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award winner with an eleventh place finish.

The MSCS series will be idle during the month of July. The next race to be sanctioned by MSCS will be the Hoosier Sprint Nationals at Tri-State Speedway. It will be held on Saturday night August 4th. The feature will pay $5,000 to the winner.

Stephen Schnapf of Newburgh, IN, won the UMP Modified feature. Dave Beck was second in the 25 lap event. It was the second win of the season at the speedway for Schnapf. Josh Harris, Shawn Cates, and Stan Beadles rounded out the top five.

Dave Beck won the first heat for the mods with Schnapf and Paul Miles winning the other two heats. The UMP Modifieds will be back on the racing card July 8th when the UMP Dirt Car Late Model Summernationals ventures into Tri-State Speedway. The late models will be running for $5,000 to win and the modifieds will be running for $1,000 to win on that night.

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Tri-State Speedway
Haubstadt, IN
June 30, 2012

(16 Entries)

First Heat – 1) 23 Brian Karraker, 2) 71 Damion Gardner, 3) 3c Kyle Cummins, 4) 38p Seth Parker, 5) 9k Kevin Thomas Jr., 6) 57 Levi Jones, 7) 32 Chase Stockon, 8) 4B Donny Brackett

Second Heat – 1) 35 Hunter Schuerenberg, 2) 68 Jonathan Hendrick, 3) 36 Brady Short, 4) 3x Dakota Jackson, 5) 21x Jon Stanbrough, 6) 12 Robert Ballou, 7) 5b Chase Briscoe, 8) 38w Chet Williams

Feature (30 Laps) – 1) 3c Cummins, 2) 71 Gardner, 3) 12 Ballou, 4) 68 Hendrick, 5) 36 Short, 6) 35 Schuerenberg, 7) 21x Stanbrough, 8) 32 Stockon, 9) 57 Jones, 10) 9K Thomas Jr., 11) 4b Brackett, 12) 38w Williams, 13) 3x Jackson, 14) 5b Briscoe, 15) 23 Karraker, 16) 38p Parker