Himebaugh Handles Champ Sprints at Creek County!

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creek county speedway logoFrom Lonnie Wheatley


Sapulpa, OK —  (August 31, 2012) — Layne Himebaugh picked off his second Champ Sprint Car feature win of the year at Creek County Speedway by topping Friday night’s 20-lap main event atop the ¼-mile clay oval.


While Himebaugh became just the fourth different repeat winner in 14 Champ Sprint feature events, other winners over the course of the night included Andy Morris in A Modifieds, Kevin Risley in Dwarf Cars, Josh Jeffries in Factory Stocks and Jecemiah Stevens in Mini Stocks.

Himebaugh denied Kevin Cummings back-to-back Champ Sprint wins by beating him to the checkered flag with Frank Sudduth, Alex Decamp and Brian McClelland rounding out the top five.


Andy Morris snared his first A Modified feature win of the year at Creek County Speedway in front of Chris Theodore, Chad David, Leroy Cook, Jr., and Colby Artherton, while Kevin Risley added his second Dwarf Car win of the year over Jeff Record and Kevin Brewer.


Josh Jeffries became the third different Factory Stock winner in as many weeks in front of Jerry Wagner and Tommy Romine, while Jecemiah Stevens picked up Mini Stock honors ahead of Grumpy Tyre and Bobby Pece, Jr.


Creek County Speedway Results (August 31, 2012):


Champ Sprints


A Feature: 1. 94L-Layne Himebaugh; 2. 97-Kevin Cummings; 3. 7F-Frank Sudduth; 4. 84-Alex DeCamp; 5. 87F-Brian McClelland; 6. 11Z-Zach Bealer; 7. 51-Jackie York; 8. 010-Brian Roberts; 9. 17-Brent Bates; 10. 13-Len Larkin; 11. 16-Robbie Sherrell; 12. 8X-Shane Pace; 13. 5$-Danny Smith; 14. 18B-Eric Barnes; 15. 23A-Travis Ashwood; 16. 8M-Kade Morton; 17. 9$-Kyle Clark; 18. 8-Michael Tyre II; 19. 11-Ricky York


A Modifieds


A Feature: 1. 127-Andy Morris; 2. 6-Chris Theodore; 3. 52-Chad Davis; 4. 501-Leroy Cook Jr; 5. 1X-Colby Artherton; 6. 53-Brett Wilson; 7. 39-Ho Dean; 8. 27-Dan Morris; 9. 20-James Esmond; 10. 96-Brad Fritts; 11. 10-Anthony Neel; 12. 22X-Gary Frey; 13. 25A-Justin Green; 14. 54-Dena Wilson; 15. 24-Justin Cartwright; 16. 79-Larry Pense; 17. 19X-Ted Bayouth; 18. 2-Jacob Stahl; 19. 0W-Collin Wiseley


Dwarf Cars


A Feature: 1. 24-Kevin Risley; 2. 67-Jeff Record; 3. 10-Kevin Brewer; 4. 2-David Cummins; 5. 88-Rick Cochran; 6. 14-Dale Bagby; 7. 47-Richard Record; 8. 30X-Kelly Brewer; 9. 13-Rick Quinn


Factory Stocks


A Feature: 1. 6P-Josh Jeffries; 2. 10X-Jerry Wagner; 3. 57-Tommy Romine; 4. 5W-Bobby Wolfe; 5. 5-B.J. Frohnappel; 6. 1-Jimmy Owen; 7. 13-Grant Wresche; 8. 42X-John Ramesburg; 9. 10C-Carl Lewis; 10. 03-Toby Cooper; 11. 53-Orbie Boyce; 12. 12-Justin Milton; 13. 32-Dimo Williams; 14. 41-Billy Frohnappel


Mini Stocks


A Feature: 1. 99D-Jecemiah Stevens; 2. 5G-Grumpy Tyre; 3. 2-Bobby Pece, Jr.; 4. 98-Mike Payton; 5. 21-Jim Turner; 6. 07-Sam Cusac; 7. 7M-Eric Manz; 8. 1-Joshua Tyre